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Welcome to The Basis Minute!

Welcome to The Basis Minute!

Hello! Welcome to The Basis Minute, our monthly newsletter written for Basis users. We’re so grateful to have you as clients and thrilled to deliver Basis resources, product updates, user profiles, and more to your inboxes.


Product Releases Our product teams have been busy improving Basis for you! Check out the past month of releases below with links to more information:

○ Users can now leverage Basis’s AI technology to optimize tactics towards a target CPA. The technology customizes bids based on real-time learnings to generate better results for your campaigns.

○ Basis now automatically syncs media plans to Strata to manage bill pay within SBMS! This saves teams time, improves accuracy, and reduces frustration in the AP process.

○ Basis’s proprietary technology looks at billions of data points, in real time, to make predictions based on a tactic’s setup.

○ Users can now download a csv in the “domain” section of the tactic editor.

○ Comments made within Basis can now be formatted using bold, underline, italics, bulleted lists and numbered lists.



Webinar: Leveraging Basis for New Business Pitches

Winning new business is complicated and intense! Basis can help make your pitch stand out from the rest and bring innovation and creativity back to the new business process. Join us during this webinar for talking points and collateral

Wednesday, November 6th 1:30 ET / 12:30 CT / 10:30 PT

Register here!

Centro Certified: Our fantastic certification events will be back in 2020! The team is setting the schedule now. Stay tuned for dates. Dallas! Meet us in Dallas at the Digital Summit from 12/2 - 12/4 at the Irving Convention Center. St. Louis! We will be at the St. Louis Digital Symposium on 11/21 at the Ballpark Village/Fox Sports Area. Missed an event? Check our resources below.

  • Webinar: Illuminate Your Business Using Insights by Basis Business Intelligence is more critical than ever to the success of your campaigns, accounts, and company. In this webinar for current Basis users, one of our platform experts will demonstrate how to use the Insights feature within Basis. ○ The recording of the webinar is available HERE. To access, please use the password Illumin8ing.

  • Webinar: Bidding with Confidence: Strategies for Media Buyers ○ Real-time bidding (RTB) has been a driving factor in the growth of the digital media ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, media buyers are expected to navigate not on guaranteed direct media buys, but biddable media as well. ○ Watch the recording here.


Basis User Spotlight

This month, we’re featuring Basis rock star, Lisa Campolmi. Lisa is a Media Strategist at Verdin Marketing in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA.

Aubrey Lehrmann: Lisa! Thanks for chatting with me. Can you share how you got into media planning and buying? Lisa Campolmi: Sure! After being a classical musician in my early years, I became fascinated with marketing. I spend the bulk of my career in LA and San Luis Obispo in media sales, finally crossing over to the other side of the desk 7 years ago.

AL: What do you like about working in media? LC: I love figuring out what makes people tick, what motivates them and how we can try to get them to engage with our brands. I like remembering that its real people we are talking to: are we annoying them or entertaining them? I like asking my family, friends, and even strangers how they find out about something (did you hear it on the news? Read it online? Social?) I always want to know how they live their lives.

AL: What is your favorite Basis feature and why? LC: I love the ability to see everything that is happening and make quick adjustments, but my real favorite part are the results for clients with the same budget.

AL: What is your favorite marketing campaign that you personally worked on? Why?

LC: Our biggest client is Ventura County Coast. It is a destination 90 minutes north of LA. Tourism is a great marketing niche: the creative is fun and engaging and people don't mind seeing exciting outdoor video. We always have multiple tactics for this destination, but last winter during the 'polar vortex" we ran 15 sec video ads in snowed in communities to invite them to come escape the freeze. We ran over 4 months and rotated the locations weekly based on weather. We used this as a test for markets we don't normally target, and guess what? I worked really well. We had huge video completion rates; really good CTRs and most importantly, my client thought I was a genius! We are currently doing a similar campaign targeting hot weather and it is also being well received.

AL: What is your favorite marketing campaign that you didn’t personally work on? Why? LC: This past year Africa tourism did a great campaign based on the slur "Go back to Africa" that has been in the news lately. It used hate speech from social media to show how wonderful, rich and cultural Africa is. We rarely have big budgets and clients who are up for something that out of the box, but it was really great to see marketing speak to social justice and tourism.

AL: We love the energy you bring to your job. Outside of media, how do you spend your time? LC: I’m a big dog lover and always have multiple random dogs. My adult daughter trains service dogs, and my adult son is a famous Opera singer who travels the world. I'm also super into crafting and DIY stuff, and used to spend every weekend racing sailboats.


Listen here!

New Episode! AdTech Unfiltered with Noor Naseer: Growth Hack your Ad Career This month on AdTech Unfiltered: Meet Anas Ghazi, an ad exec who worked his way to the C-suite in just six years! Tune in to hear Anas speak to the tools and his experiences that carried him from an aspiring actor - to his current role as a Marketing and Technology Exec at WPP. Find AdTech Unfiltered here.


On our reading list

  • Centro’s VP of Paid Social, Amy Rumpler, recommends checking out Gen Z Audiences Spending More Time on YouTube than Netflix. According to a new report from Piper Jaffray, summarized here by Ad Week, 37% of Teens daily video consumption is spent on YouTube. Among social media sights, Instagram is the most widely used by this same audience, over Snapchat.

  • Our fabulous Media Innovations team, Ryan Manchee, Noor Naseer, and Christine Kim are always on the cutting edge. They suggest looking at the results of Google’s change to first-price auctions in Publishers Enjoy Short-Term CPM Spikes Up To 50% In First Few Days. Google Ad Manager rolled out first-price auctions in September and since then, publishers have seen CPM increases between 9% - 50% as a direct result. Any type of transition of this size will initially see a price fluctuation, however, with bid shading, this is thought to even out over time.

We’re listening!

Feedback makes us better. If you have something to share with us, praise or where we can improve, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also send any feedback to me and I will route it to the correct channels.

Yours in Basis, Aubrey and the Centro Team

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