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Updated App IDs & App Store Names

The number of consumer apps and advertisements on them is rapidly increasing, especially with the rise of CTV. Because of this, DSP users need to be able to easily distinguish them by name and store.

Basis has made two updates regarding App Naming in the platform:

  1. Updating App IDs and Names to be clearer and case sensitive

  2. Adding App Store Names to recognize which store an app is downloaded from (Google Play, Apple Store, Etc.)

Impact on Basis Users

  1. Updated App Names and an App Store column/field will be viewable in the following sections:

  2. Optimized Performance

  3. Inventory Directory (RTB Inventory)

  4. Device Reporting

  5. Within the Optimized Performance section of Basis:

  6. Targeting app inventory will be more specific – you can uniquely identify the applications you’d like to target while providing more granularity

  7. New filtering will be available between New & Legacy IDs

Legacy IDs are Old App IDs with the previous naming & no app store assigned. Legacy IDs will be present for any campaign launched before the new naming release date of 8/3/22 or any duplicated campaigns that ran before 8/3/22. Legacy IDs do not apply to any newly created campaigns, post 8/3/22.

Replacing Legacy App IDs (Optional)

The updates ultimately result in a cleaner, more granular platform, but require user action when updating legacy App IDs to new App IDs.

While not required, we do recommend that you remove or replace legacy app IDs from your tactic's domain targeting.


Legacy App IDs do not include the level of detail the updates IDs include and may not bid on the intended app. If not updated, you will secede the differentiation and targeting advantages that come with the new IDs.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to your CSM for more information or questions about the new App IDs and Store Names.


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