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Two New Feature Updates!

1. Group Budget Optimization

Basis’ Optimization Suite is expanding! And we are excited to announce that Group Budget Optimization is now available. This newest optimization feature shifts and allocates budgets between tactics based on performance.

What are the key benefits?

  • Reduction in manual optimization in groups and manually shifting budget among the tactics, ultimately leading to an increase in time saved

  • Using automation, Group Budget Optimization helps users generate better outcomes for their groups and the KPI they wish to optimize the budget for

How to use it?

Group Budget Optimization is enabled when you edit or create a group, use the following steps to set up:

Step 1: Set up the group's budget -- please note:

  • If the budget type is set to All Time, you cannot enable GBO unless you have Group Pacing enabled

  • If Group Pacing is set to Off, GBO automatically turns off

  • If the budget type is set to Daily, you can use GBO with Group Pacing set to On or Off

Step 2: Turn Group Budget Optimization on to enable it

Step 3: Select the Optimization KPI that you want to optimize the group budget for -- options include: Impression Delivered, CTR, and CPC

Step 4 (optional): Set the Minimum Daily Tactic Budget, which is the minimum amount that GBO can reduce the tactic daily

budget to when shifting the budget between tactics

Further step by step details can be found here!

What GBO data is available in the Analytics Screen?

Within the Group Table:

  • A group’s optimization type and status within the columns “Opt Type” and “Opt KPI Type”

Within the Tactic Table:

  • When the optimization type is GBO, the column labeled “GBO Daily Budget” for that group's tactics is populated (note: this column shows “Learning” if the optimizer is still in learning mode)

  • Once a model is created, this column displays the effective budget that the optimizer determined for that tactic

Interested in learning more about the updated Analytics Screen? Check out our Basis Success Webinar and more resources here.

2. Conversions Details Report

Reporting on conversion event-level data is also now available! Conversions Details Report allows you to create both one-time and scheduled reports on conversion pixels, with or without transaction ids. Note: BCI Conversion Granularity coming soon.

This report will help to:

  • Analyze the performance of various conversion pixels and help make group and tactic optimization decisions

  • See conversion data by timestamp for the purpose of reconciling data with third-party tools (e.g. ad-server)

How to access and create:

  • This new report type has been added under DSP reports

  • Select “Conversion Report”, name the report, and select “Conversion > All” from the Dimensions drop-down menu

Need an overall refresher on creating DSP reports? Head over to this link here.

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