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The Basis Minute | September 2022

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Basis Platform Updates

We are constantly working to improve our platform and offerings. Here’s what’s new:

Now Available: Bulk Ad Tag Duplication

Duplicating ad tags individually can be a time-consuming process, especially for larger campaigns. To increase efficiency when managing a large number of ad tags and reduce errors from manual editing, Basis has added a new bulk duplication capability to the platform, specific to Ad Tags.

Basis Users can now bulk duplicate ad tags as many ad tags as they need by simply selecting all the tags they would like to duplicate. Learn more here.

Now Available: Revision-less DSP Line Item Edits

Basis users can now make edits directly to DSP line items, skipping the previously required step of creating a Revision of the Media Plan. Gone are the days of creating a new Media Plan Revision for every DSP line item change! Learn more here.

New Equifax Data Segments

New data segments pertaining to Automotive, Spending Power, and Income are now available in Basis thanks to our partnership with Equifax. Equifax is a leading global information solutions company that uses unique data to enable marketers to deliver the right message to the desired target audience based on consumers' likely interests and economic profiles.

You can access these new Equifax segments under Third Party Audiences > Equifax / IXI.

DSP Update: Comscore Taxonomy Expansion

Comscore has partnered with Ad Fontes to further their mission to combat misinformation. New ad segments featuring media bias data are now available for programmatic campaigns via Comscore's Content Activation. These segments will help advertisers target highly reliable/neutral news sources or exclude unreliable/extremely biased information sources. Learn more here.

Recent (& Exciting!) Content

From Our Blog

Impact of the 2022 Midterm Elections on the US Advertising Landscape

The inevitable rise in political ad traffic is here, and digital/CTV spend is trending towards an all-time high. Explore when the bulk of election dollars will be spent and where the key battleground geographies are located. Read more here.

Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Deprecation to 2024: An AdTech Perspective

How does Google’s latest delay change how marketers should think about (or prepare for) third-party cookie deprecation? Basis Technologies is choosing to prioritize privacy and embrace the extra time to implement real solutions. Read more here.

Digital Advertising Regulation in 2022: What Marketers Need to Know

It’s been a banner year for digital advertising regulation across the globe. The latest? Bipartisan lawmakers in D.C. are eyeing regulatory action around TikTok’s data practices. If passed, these laws could lead to an internet with less misinformation and more trust. Read more here.

Upcoming Events

Basis Success Webinar: All Things Private Marketplace

Basis Success Webinar: “Media Buyer Workflow” Series Join us for our September installment of the Basis Success Webinar where we kick off our “Media Buyer Workflow” Webinar Series! This will be a three-part series where we examine the time-tools offered by Basis at every step in the campaign process. In Episode 1, we’ll cover the pre-campaign stage of planning, and what features are available for use. During the 45-minute session with our “Basis Expert”, Reagan, we will cover;

  • Inventory Directory

  • Market Trends

  • DSP Inventory Forecast

Lastly, we’ll end the lesson with a live demo and Q&A session. Register today to join us on Tuesday, September 20th at 1:00pm CT!

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Basis in the News

📰 CEO Shawn Riegsecker on the Paleo Ad Tech Podcast

Curious about how Shawn came to found Basis Technologies? Learn all about it on this episode of the Paleo Ad Tech Podcast. Read more here.

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