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The Basis Minute | October 2020

This is The Basis Minute, October edition! Welcome to The Basis Minute, our monthly newsletter written specifically for Basis users. Each month, we’re excited to deliver Basis resources, product updates, industry articles, training, and more to your inboxes.

Basis Updates

Campaigns Powered by Science

New options are available when optimizing towards CPA including the ability to optimize towards a tactic's primary conversion and defining the learning scope.

Now you can also activate Machine Learning to optimize towards CTR or VCR!

Low Delivery Alert

Basis' Dashboard helps you focus on what is most important, connect with your team, and increase productivity. A new widget to let you know which line items have low delivery:

  • This widget will display any line items assigned to that user that are in Live status (start date is in the past) and have less than 1000 impressions OR less than $1 spent.

To set the Dashboard as your home screen:

  • From the Basis Menu, navigate to My Settings

  • In the Profile tab, scroll down to Basis Home Page, select Dashboard

Basis Assistant News

Too many notes? Filter them by source!

  • Once in the assistant, choose a campaign. Clicking on the additional sources button at the top right corner of the feed allows you to select or deselect sources, reducing or expanding the number of notes in view.

Do you want to temporarily close the assistant?

  • Click on the X button at the top right corner when you don't need it. The assistant will automatically reopen in new tabs or windows but in order to manually reopen it, you need to click on the Basis Assistant icon in the extensions list in your browser.

Vendor Payment Terms

Read more about the changes and enhancements to the Vendor Payment Terms permission at

Upcoming webinars

The Future of Targeting: Contextual, Semantic, and Cookies Wednesday, 9/30 @ 12:00pm CT 60 minutes What does the future of targeted advertising look like? In our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, September 30th, you’ll learn:

  • What semantic and contextual technologies add to targeting,

  • How to evaluate and replace current targeting tactics, and

  • Potential targeting landmines to avoid.

Register here.

Basis Success Webinar: Bulk Edit Tools Tuesday, 10/6 @ 1:00pm CT 30 minutes Join us for our next Basis Success webinar focused on Bulk Edit Tools in Basis. In 30 minutes, we will cover the various tools in Basis that allow you to move faster and complete operations in bulk. This tactical webinar will teach users how to edit the following campaign details in bulk:

  • Line item parameters

  • Creative

  • Delivery sources and metrics

  • DSP Groups and Tactics

  • DSP Optimizations

Register today to join us on October 6th! Can't join us live? Register and receive a recording of the webinar sent to you to view at a later time.

Recent content

Basis Success Webinar: Optimizations In this installment of the Basis Success webinar series, we teach users when, why, and how to make impactful optimizations across all channels—search, social, direct, and, of course, DSP. Catch up on this 30-minute session with Basis experts, Annie Carr and Kelly Poydence, as we cover:

  • Optimization best practices

  • Actionable tips for improving performance

  • Manual optimizations

  • Machine learning and algorithmic options

  • Bid multipliers

Webinar recording and referenced guides can be found here.

Centro CEO Shawn Riegsecker On Why The Ad Industry Needs To Check Itself Before It Wrecks Itself

Listen to this AdExchanger podcast featuring Centro's CEO. In 30 minutes, Shawn and cover the future of targeting, self-regulation, and a little bit of politics.

Listen here.

New on the Centro Blog Check out our latest thought leadership pieces on our company blog:

Centro Certified for today’s media landscape

Basis Foundations

Next session begins October 6th, 2020

The virtual Basis Foundations is designed for new Basis users that are responsible for the day-to-day buying in Basis. We’ll take you through a full campaign cycle – from hierarchy naming conventions, and group and daily budget settings, to conversion tracking, optimizations and more!

Get #centrocertified! Join us.

Basis Foundations 2.0

Begins November 3rd, 2020

The virtual Basis Foundations 2.0 is designed for existing Basis clients with a firm understanding of campaign set-up and looking to build a new set of capabilities within Basis. Enhance existing knowledge, gain new strategies and execution tactics, and learn the ins and outs of mobile, connected TV, video, native, audio campaigns – and more!

Join us on this new journey to become #centrocertified! Learn more now.

Listen Here!

New episode: AdTech Unfiltered with Noor Naseer: Dealing with Diversity (with Veronica Appleton)

Many companies are scrambling to audit and improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies. In this episode, DEI executive and educator Veronica Appleton shares her perspective on addressing DEI in the greater advertising and marketing landscape.

Listen now.

On Our Reading List

DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List

Our fabulous Media Innovations team, Ryan Manchee, Noor Naseer, and Christine Kim are always on the cutting edge. Check out their recommendations on what to read from this month’s Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL). Read the Read the September 2020 DIAL.

SMILE: Social Media Innovations List Email

Centro’s VP of Paid Social, Amy Rumpler, recommends taking a look at social trends and updates in the Social Media Innovations List Email (SMILE). Read the September 2020 SMILE.

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