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The Basis Minute | May 2022

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Basis Platform Updates

Basis is constantly improving.

Ad Serving Date Filter Improvements

A new option is now available to select a Date Range filter for campaigns can be found under Start/End Date filters. Additionally, Start/End Date filters have been updated to include the date selected when using Before or After options.

Improvements for Analytics Screen: Net & Gross Pacing

Updates have been made to the Analytics screen for Net and Gross Pacing; these new updates include:

  • Line Items Totals bar: Now shows Gross Total Pacing and Net Media Pacing for all the Line Items within that specific Channel

  • Channels Totals bar: Now shows Gross Total Pacing and Net Media Pacing for all the Channels within the Campaign

  • The Values in the Totals bars: Now adjust based on what filters have been applied to that view

New Syndicated Taxonomy Data Provider: Tunnl

Tunnl is a data intelligence firm powering brand, purpose-driven, and issue advocacy efforts. It uses nearly a quarter-century of accumulated analytics and current microtargeting data to create new audiences across the country. This data is up to date and relevant, focusing on brand and corporate reputation campaigns, advocacy, public affairs, and ongoing current events.

Find Tunnl audiences within the campaign/tactic located under the Third Party Audiences in the Audiences tab.

New Category within Claritas: P$YCLE Premier

A new category of P$YCLE Premier segments within Claritas’ taxonomy is now available. Built for financial marketers, P$YCLE Premier is proprietary segmentation that helps customers know more about the financial needs and behaviors of American households.

These segments are located under Third Party Audiences > Claritas > P$YCLE Premier in the Audiences tab within the campaign/tactic. More information regarding Claritas can be found here.

Recent Basis Content

Listen Here!

AdTech UNFILTERED with Noor Naseer

New episode: "Are You Ready to Take Programmatic In-House?" with Raashee Gupta Erry

Nearly a decade after its debut, programmatic in-housing is having a moment. Many brands and agencies that buy programmatic media are expressing a renewed interest in bringing those capabilities in-house. The resurgence has organizations doing a deep evaluation on what in-housing means to them and determining what they look to achieve by pursuing it.

In this episode of AdTech Unfiltered, host Noor Naseer chats with Raashee Gupta Erry, principal and founder of UpLevel Digital Media Consulting, about how an organization can determine if in-housing is right for them. They explore the many ways to interpret what in-housing can entail, discuss who needs to be involved when considering the possibility, and much more.

Listen now!

From Our Blog

Advertising Opportunities in the Metaverse

In this metaverse deep dive, we explore three of the most popular advertising approaches for early adopters in the space. Read more here.

SXSW Reflections: Brands Can't Afford Inauthenticity

According to SXSW speakers representing US and global brands across industries, authenticity is a brand attribute that companies must be more conscientious and intentional about. Read more here.

Programmatic 101: The Rise of the Private Marketplace (PMP)

Learn when to use PMPs, and why programmatic marketers are spending more on PMPs than in the open exchange. Read more here.

Climate Change and Sustainability Advertising: Tips, Dos, and Don'ts for Digital Marketers

With consumers increasingly looking to corporations for leadership on the climate crisis, the old methods of green marketing just aren’t good enough. Read more here.

Upcoming Events

Basis Success Webinar: Retargeting Strategies

Join our upcoming Basis Success webinar where we will dive into different ways to capture and target an audience. Some topics that will be covered are below:

  • Universal Pixels

  • Frequency Cap Strategy

  • Geopolitical Targeting

  • Cross-Device Targeting

  • Conversion Report Strategy

  • and more!

Register today to join us on Tuesday, May 10th at 1:00pm CT!

On Our Reading List

SMILE: Social Media Innovations List Email

Centro’s SVP of Paid Social, Amy Rumpler, recommends taking a look at social trends and updates in the Social Media Innovations List Email (SMILE). Check out the newest SMILE.

LINK: Large Industry News & Knowledge

Basis Technologies' most relevant verticals and what you should know about them. This month we have some interesting content around the restaurant & dining industry - read below to learn more.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the state of New York temporarily legalized to-go alcoholic beverages as a means to help bars and restaurants. State lawmakers initially wanted to make this permanently legal and join 16 other states with similar laws, but liquor store industry lobbyists pushed hard, arguing that restaurants and bars would upend their business and cited public health and safety concerns. The legislation was not passed, and the program ended in June 2021, but Governor Kathy Hochul included the program in her budget proposal and is hoping to legalize to-go alcohol this year. If this passes, other states will likely follow suit.

As more states consider legalizing to-go alcoholic beverages, alcohol brands, liquor stores and other locations that sell alcohol will have to find a way to stand out among their potential newfound competition. Brands and liquor stores should consider using high frequencies to gain attention from consumers and use longform media to demonstrate how consumers can get creative making their own drinks. Source: New York Times

Basis in the News

📰 Basis Technologies Partners With NOBL Media To Stop Ads From Running On Russian Propaganda Sites

MediaPost wrote about Basis Technologies’ free offering with NOBL Media, which enables Basis users to avoid Russian propaganda sites and target high-quality content at the same time. Read more here.

📰 Facebook Sets Up Shop on TikTok With Verified Account

In Adweek, Basis Technologies SVP Amy Rumpler provides insight into why social media companies would set up accounts on rival apps. Read more here.

📰 Basis Technologies Adds Wendy Rubin to Board of Directors

Learn all about Wendy Rubin, the newest addition to Basis Technologies’ board of directors. Welcome, Wendy! Read more here.

📰 9 Fast-Growing Chicago Tech Companies Hiring Now

In this Built in Chicago feature, Basis Technologies EVP Emily Barron discusses our plans for strengthening our team. Read more here.

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