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The Basis Minute | March 2022

Welcome to The Basis Minute, our monthly newsletter written specifically for Basis users. Each month, we’re excited to deliver Basis resources, product updates, industry articles, training, and more to your inboxes.


Basis Platform Updates

Basis is constantly improving. We've recently released:

Bid Shading

Bid shading is now available! The tactic analyzes historical bid data to forecast a winning bid that is lower than the initial default CPM bid. This results in more efficient CPM’s and potentially winning more impressions at the same budget. Learn more about bid shading here.

DSP Report Enhancements

To save time, Landing Page URL and Creative Preview URL has been added to the DSP Performance Report. This can be found under DSP Performance > Ads Report.

New Geo-Targeting Postal Codes

The standalone DSP has some exciting new geo-targeting updates.

  • You can now target postal codes for Brazil and Guatemala

  • In the campaign editor, enter the entire 5-digit code for these countries when you’re setting up location targeting rules.

  • Note that while Brazil's official postal codes are 8 digits long, the DSP only supports the older 5-digit version. If you only have the 8-digit code, enter the first 5 digits to target that location. For example, if you want to target 18200-200, enter 18200.

New Analytics Line Item Metrics

New Line Item metrics have been added in Analytics to provide more value with the Tactic Add-ons Feature.

  • Net DSP Spend (“Net Inventory Spend + Net Data Spend"): This is the value that will match what users are billed by Basis DSP

  • Net Add-on Spend: This value represents spend that the group(s) under a certain line item have delivered for tactic add-ons

Now Available: Basis Conversion Data via Google Data Studio

Basis conversion data is now available in Google Data Studios. The new data source will allow users to create and pull more detailed reporting, now down to the conversion level.

If you want to learn more about Google Data Studios, check out our Blog for more info.

Platform Deals

New Private Marketplaces for Basis Users

Private marketplaces (PMPs) are customized, invitation-only RTB marketplaces where premium publishers make their inventory and audiences available to a select group of buyers. Here at Basis, we have a plethora of PMPs for you to incorporate into your programmatic strategy.

  • Hulu LCC / Disney: We have 8 deals total, 5 deals running across Hulu exclusively, 3 deals running under the Disney umbrella. For the Hulu PMPs, we have a standard Run of Hulu, genre targeted deals (Family, Sports & Entertainment) as well as a Gaming Console targeted PMP. The Disney umbrella deals include ESPN, ESPN Deportes and DXP (ESPN, ABC, Freeform, FX & Nat Geo).

  • NBCUniversal: We have 8 deals total, 4 of which include CTV/OTT. The 4 deals include: standard OTT, standard CTV, Live Sports OTT and News CTV.

  • Samsung: We have 8 deals total, 7 of which include CTV. The PMPs include: standard CTV, LSDA Compliant and Content targeting (Sports, Spanish language, Entertainment, News & No News).

  • Discovery Communications: We have 10 deals total, % of which include CTV. These deals include: Hulu FEP, Home / Food TVE, Lifestyle TVE and Discovery + inventory.

Throughout 2022, we plan to expand on our Platform Deals library even further. To learn more about how PMPs and how they work, read this blog post.

Recent Basis Content

Listen Here!

AdTech UNFILTERED with Noor Naseer

New episode: “Finding Mentorship in AdTech” with Matt Barash

Finding a mentor is difficult in any industry, but the adtech world poses its own unique set of challenges for those seeking guidance in an ever-evolving field.

Renowned adtech sales leader, executive advisor, and ExchangeWire AdTech Personality of the Year Matt Barash has been a longtime beneficiary of mentorship and enjoys mentoring others as well. In this episode, he chats with host Noor Naseer about how to find well-suited mentors, how to make the most of mentor relationships, and reasons to become a mentor as you grow in your career.

Listen now!

From Our Blog

Programmatic 101: The benefits of Programmatic Advertising

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Upcoming Events

Basis Success Webinar: 2021 Feature Spotlight

We’re excited to kick off our Basis Success monthly webinar series once again. On Tuesday, March 1st, we are hosting a special look-back event on some of the greatest Basis features added in 2021 – with an emphasis on Analytics & Reporting enhancements that can help your business reach new heights.

Register today to join us on Tuesday, March 1st at 1:00pm CT!

Basis Certified is back in session!

The Basis Certified Series includes two different levels. Both are carefully created for Basis user that includes strategy, best practices, in-platform simulations, and short demos. Spread out over 2 weeks, a combination of live sessions, 1 hour classes and on demand e-learning courses. Sign up for our March course below:

Basis Foundations 2.0: March 22 – 31

For those who are looking to enhance their current knowledge, gain new strategies, and execution tactics. Learn the ins and outs of mobile, connected TV, video, native, and audio. Register here!

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Basis in the News


President Tyler Kelly fielded a conversation with our partner Tapclicks to discuss our name change, the company origins and our mission. Watch the video on YouTube.

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VP Ian Trider weighs in on the benefits and value of FLoC. Read more.

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