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The Basis Minute | June 2022

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Basis Platform Updates

Basis is constantly improving.

Geopolitical Targeting - State-level District Targeting

Geopolitical targeting in Basis is expanding to include State Legislative District Targeting for DSP campaigns, along with updated 2022 Congressional Districts. Basis is excited to be the only platform to offer this level of targeting, powered by L2 data. State-level District Targeting is an additional target layer to Basis’ existing offering that includes US Congressional Districts by District or by State. Learn more about political media strategies in our upcoming June webinar!

Pacing Notifications

Pacing Notifications are automated emails that contain line item pacing data from Basis. When sent, any line items that are pacing outside of the pacing threshold (determined by the individual user) will be listed. The feature provides an additional pacing monitoring option for Basis users, outside the platform. Ultimately, helping ensure campaign budgets are being spent as expected and avoid underspending or spending of budget too quickly. Learn more here.

Campaigns Page Update: New Delivery Metrics & Filtering

New Delivery Metrics are now available and can be added to any user’s Campaigns Page. New Metrics Include:

  • Actual Start Date

  • Actual Gain/Loss (as a percentage)

  • Gross Total Pacing

  • Gross Total Spend

  • Net Media Spend

  • Net Media Pacing

  • Planned Gain/Loss (as a percentage)

Oracle is replacing legacy brand safety segments with Tiered segments

Segments within the Negative category of Oracle’s Brand Protection options are now tiered.

The update is in response to customers' frequent asks for more granularity in their brand safety risk profiles to maximize the reach and accuracy of campaigns while protecting themselves from unsuitable adjacencies. Segment tiers now include:

  • High – glorification of inappropriate, insensitive content

  • Medium – news and entertainment content

  • Low – academic and educational content

Sunsetting Legacy Segments

As of Tuesday 5/10, the legacy brand safety segments have been set as “hidden”. Any existing campaigns already targeting the legacy segments will continue to work. However, these segments will not be available to add to new or existing campaigns. The “sunset phase” of legacy segments will last approximately two months. The Tiered brand safety segments have been made available in Basis. Any user who wants to add a brand safety segment will need to use the new tiered segments, which are live and will work once selected. Legacy segments will be disconnected no later than June 30th, 2022.

Global Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar on the left side of Basis is now Global and will be present on every page in Basis. Icons in the bar will take users directly to the Campaigns, Line Items, or Dashboard Pages. Users can quickly access the pages without having to open the entire bar.

New Comscore segments are available

Now you can leverage Comscore Predictive Audiences powered by IRI insights to reach in-market consumer audience targets – all in a cookie-free environment! Comscore has partnered with IRI to deliver Predictive Audiences. This partnership combines IRI’s data expertise and marketing insights with Comscore’s Predictive Audiences methodology to create cookie-free CPG audiences. These segments are located under Contextual targeting: Comscore Content Activation > Predictive Audience > IRI ProScores CPG Audiences

New Group Budget Optimization KPI’s Now Available

New KPIs options are now available to select from when using Group Budget Optimization. The full list of available KPIs for Group Budget Optimization, including the new KPIs, are:

  • Video completion rate (VCR) - New!

  • Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) - New!

  • Cost-Per-Click

  • Click-Through-Rate

  • Delivery

New Partnerships & Integrations

Partnership Spotlight: Freewheel

Leveraging Basis to Reduce the Burden of Billing, Reconciliation, and Reporting

FreeWheel’s Strata platform, SBMS, automates and simplifies the entire planning, buying and billing process while maximizing your control and campaign effectiveness.

On average, Basis Platform users save 2 hours per campaign in billing and reconciliation when using Freewheel. See how Davis Elen Advertising redefines their digital media business from planning to payment by automating laborious tasks through Basis and its robust integration with Freewheel. Read more here.

Recent Basis Content

From Our Blog

Connected TV: Best Practices for Planning, Targeting, and Measuring

Learn how to most effectively plan, target, and measure CTV campaigns in today's fragmented landscape. Read more here.

Why Audio is Digital Advertising’s Fastest Growing Category

A look at what makes audio so unique, why the category is booming, and why digital audio advertising should be a larger part of your media conversations. Read more here.

Why Contextual Targeting is Having a Moment in Digital Advertising

Find out how contextual targeting works and why it’s a surprisingly great solution for today’s digital advertiser. Read more here.

Upcoming Events

Basis Success Webinar: Political Media Strategies

It’s imperative for campaigns to work with marketing partners who regularly navigate the political landscape, and who have deep experience driving winning outcomes. Luckily, Basis has been a committed supporter of political and issue advocacy clients for years.

Join our June installment of the Basis Success webinar where we will dive into the many political tools and strategies you can leverage this election year using Basis. Some specific topics we will cover include:

  • Geopolitical Features (Congressional/State District Targeting)

  • Voterfile Ingestion Capabilities

  • Data Integrations (L2, TargetSmart, i360, and more)

  • Political PMP Deals

  • OTT/CTV Tactical Strategy & Best Practices

Register today to join us on Tuesday, June 7th at 1:00pm CT!

On Our Reading List

LINK: Large Industry News & Knowledge

Basis Technologies' most relevant verticals and what you should know about them. This month we have some interesting content around the retail industry - read below to learn more.

Online vs. In-Store

Shoppers may think they prefer purchasing items in-store but the data proves otherwise. According to a survey, 82% of U.S. consumers state they purchase items in-store compared to only 73% who bought online. Still, while total retail sales (including ecommerce) will increase by 9% over the next 5 years, ecommerce sales alone will increase by 38% over that same time. Brands and retailers should focus more of their overall media strategy on digital ahead of this shift in consumption. Media plans focusing heavily on search and other digital platforms should be utilized throughout the entire purchase journey and seamlessly guide the consumers to the site to complete their purchase. Source: Kantar Profiles/Mintel/U.S. Census Bureau

Supply Chain Shortages

U.S. shoppers are extremely frustrated with the delays and supply shortages impacting the retail industry. 47% of shoppers say their online orders are taking too long due to the shipping delays and 44% say they are unable to buy what they want because of the inventory shortages. As consumers lose patience, brands and retailers must shift their overall media strategies to accommodate for the current market. First, brands/retailers must stay vigilant of their inventory and only promote available products to not lead to further confusion while also promoting quick shipping options. Using digital media will allow for quick transitions of creatives. Second, as consumers become frustrated with product shortages, brands and retailers must understand that shoppers will turn to competitors to purchase lookalike products. Challenger brands should use this opportunity to promote why their available products are just as good as, if not better than, their sold-out competition. Source: Kantar Profiles/Mintel

Basis in the News

📰 Basis Technologies Press Release

Basis is the only programmatic advertising platform providing and automating state legislative district targeting for political advertisers. Read more here.

📰 An Interview with Christine Kim

SAAS Universities spoke with Christine Kim, VP of Client Learning & Enablement, about our award-winning Basis Institute. Read more here.

📰 Jenn Shaen on the Programmatic Digest Podcast

Jenn Schaen, SVP of Basis Customer Experience, spoke about the process of in-housing programmatic on the Programmatic Digest podcast. Read more here.

📰 Local Media Consortium Announces 2022 Spring Conference – with Keynote from Shawn Riegsecker

The Local Media Consortium, a strategic alliance of local media companies, will feature Basis Technologies’ Founder + CEO as a keynote speaker in their Spring conference. Read more here.

📰 ThinkLA IDEA Awards: Basis Announced as Finalist for Partner of the Year

ThinkLA celebrates Southern California’s creative, advertising, marketing, and media superstars. Read more here.

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