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The Basis Minute | July 2020

This is The Basis Minute, July edition! 

Welcome to The Basis Minute, our monthly newsletter written specifically for Basis users.  Each month, we’re excited to deliver Basis resources, product updates, user profiles, and more to your inboxes.

Basis Updates

Coming Soon: Basis Assistant! 

Be the first to see the latest innovation in Ad Tech!  

Capture all campaign notes and optimizations across your entire advertising toolchain, without switching programs.

Join our CEO and Founder, Shawn Riegsecker, on July 15th for a LIVE product demo. 

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Microsoft Ads

Manage DSP, direct, search, and social campaigns from a single interface! Basis now facilitates a one-way integration with Microsoft Ads, a provider of pay-per-click advertising with access to a network of 124 million unique searchers across Bing, Yahoo! and MSN. With Microsoft Ads you can:

  • Help customers find your business information quickly.

  • Boost online and foot traffic to your website and store.

  • Drive more leads, conversions, and sales.

  • Achieve goals unique to your business.

  • Give consumers more information about your business with ad extensions.

Read more here.

Creative flighting

Schedule up to ten different dates for each creative linked to a tactic! With Creative Flighting, you determine when each ad goes live and when it pauses. Read more here.

Manage Delivery

Mapping delivery sources is now easier with a full-view screen. 

The new Delivery tab allows you to Link Sources, Upload Delivery, Manage Selective Metrics & Bulk Metrics, Track Conversions, and Map Delivery Sources to applicable line items. 

Read more here.

Naming Conventions 

Automate the process of creating and exporting ad tags.

With this feature, you can create naming formulas that standardize your nomenclature and improve how data is organized in Basis. Once saved, these can be applied to all line items, expediting the ad tag creation processes and maintaining elements properly labeled free of mistakes, or typos. 

Read more here.

Get excited about CTV!

Discover new and improved CTV PMPs within the Private Deals Library!  Access premium partners and gain access to first party or third party data extensions on this popular device type. Uncover detailed site lists, inventory analytics for directional forecasting through the PMP details and analytics sections. Execute CTV with these recommended PMPs:

  • Verizon – highlights: CBS, Hispanic

  • Roku – highlights: Cord Cutters, Spanish, Female Millennials, Children in HH, Sports

  • Sling TV – highlights: Demo (Age & HHI), Spanish, ESPN, HH with kids, Entertainment

  • Hulu – highlights: Gamers, Lifestyle, Parents, Sports

  • Tubi – highlights: LDA Compliant, Rated R

  • Telaria – highlights: Spanish, Full Episode Player, Homeowners, News, CBD/Cannabis, A&E

  • Xandr– highlights: DIRECTV, Sports, AT&T

We're here to help! Reach out to your CSM to discuss how CTV can fit your campaigns and goals.

Upcoming webinars

Adweek Elevate / Cannabis and CBD

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

1:00 ET / 12:00 CT / 10:00 PT

Cannabis and CBD at a Turning Point. 

The cannabis and CBD brand landscape has changed dramatically in recent years as the industry has undergone financial turmoil, byzantine regulatory hurdles and now a drawn-out quarantine disrupting the dispensary model. 

What will the industry look like on the other side, and how will marketers, investors and advocates help make the most of this new era? 

Adweek's editors and industry experts talk to brand leaders, analysts and high-profile personalities about where the field is headed next. 

Secure your virtual spot.

Breakthrough 2020 Series

In the Breakthrough 2020 webinar series, Centro features clients who have gotten creative in times of uncertainty. Our guests share the challenges they’ve faced, the tough calls they’ve made, and how it’s all played out against the backdrop of 2020.

Part 3: Transforming Travel

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

1:00 ET / 12:00 CT / 10:00 PT

COVID-19 hit the travel industry hard—but it's not all bad news! Tune in to part 3 of the Breakthrough 2020 series to hear how Jay Salyers, SVP at Miles Partnership, is working to accelerate recovery for his clients.

Register here.

Part 4: Reinvention Through Expansion

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

1:00 ET / 12:00 CT / 10:00 PT

Eric Myers, President of Belo + Company, will share how traditional publishers can reinvent themselves through the expansion of services, while building trust and delivering results for local clients.

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Recent webinars

Breakthrough 2020 Series

Part 1: Focus and Strategy

Part 1 features Matt Wilson, President/COO of Eastport Holdings, who shares how his agency network responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with focus and strategy to come out stronger. 

Catch up here.

Part 2: Creating Experiences

Part 2 features Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO of WP Engine, who discusses how digital experience creators need to quickly adapt to serve the masses and help businesses of all sizes press ahead. 

Watch the recording now.

Centro Certified has gone virtual

Basis Foundations

Next session begins August 4th, 2020

The virtual Basis Foundations is designed for new Basis users that are responsible for the day-to-day buying in Basis. We’ll take you through a full campaign cycle – from hierarchy naming conventions, and group and daily budget settings, to conversion tracking, optimizations and more! 

Get #centrocertifiedJoin us.

Basis Foundations 2.0

Begins September 1st, 2020

The virtual Basis Foundations 2.0 is designed for existing Basis clients with a firm understanding of campaign set-up and looking to build a new set of capabilities within Basis.  Enhance existing knowledge, gain new strategies and execution tactics, and learn the ins and outs of mobile, connected TV, video, native, audio campaigns – and more!  

Join us on this new journey to become #centrocertifiedLearn more now.

Listen Here!

New episode! AdTech Unfiltered with Noor Naseer:

The Art of the Subscription Box with Dustin McAdams

Dustin McAdams, CEO of petcare subscription service PupJoy, joins the podcast to share what he’s learned in his pursuit of offering the best customer care in the subscription services space.

Listen now.

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