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The Basis Minute | August 2022

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Basis Platform Updates

We are constantly working to improve our platform and offerings. Here’s what’s new:

GCM Cross-Environment Conversions

Users can now get a more complete view of their campaign conversion reporting without having to leave the platform. Agency and Brand marketers rely on cross-environment conversion reporting for a holistic understanding of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across all environments. GCM Cross-Environment Conversions can be viewed in the Basis Analytics Dashboard and Reporting. Learn more.

Recent (& Exciting!) Content

From Our Blog

Listen Up! Here's What the Podcast Boom Means for Marketers.

The podcast industry has exploded in the past several years & a recent study shows 56% of Gen Z and millennials agree that audio advertising provides a much-needed break from visual overload. Read more here.

Understanding the Benefits of Bid Shading

Using Bid Shading, buyers can save time and have more opportunities to win impressions at lower prices and, consequently, buy more impressions with the same budget. We break down more of the benefits and how it’s leveraged in advertising. Read more here.

Targeted Political Advertising in 2022: Challenges and Opportunities

Political advertising comes with many challenges. We put together our best recommendations for privacy-friendly targeting solutions for political marketers. Tapping into these will put you well on your way to better identifying, understanding, and speaking to your target audiences as you ramp up media buys for your campaign. Read more here.

Upcoming Events

Basis Success Webinar: All Things Private Marketplace

According to eMarketer, 2020 was the first year that the percentage of programmatic spend was higher in Private Marketplaces (PMPs) than in the open exchange. By the end of 2022, PMP spend will represent 17% of total programmatic digital display ad spending, compared to 13% being spent on the open exchange.

Join our upcoming Basis Success Webinar where you’ll learn how to best utilize the pre-negotiated opportunities available to you with Basis. Register today to join us on Tuesday, August 9th at 1:00pm CT!

On Our Reading List

SMILE: Social Media Innovations List Email

Our SVP of Paid Social, Amy Rumpler, recommends taking a look at social trends and updates in the Social Media Innovations List Email (SMILE). Check out the newest SMILE.

LINK: Large Industry News & Knowledge

This newsletter covers our top verticals and the most critical information within each. This month we unpack brand loyalty decreases within the retail industry - read below to learn more.

Brand Loyalty Down

As prices rise in the U.S., shoppers are picking where to cut back and are adjusting their normal shopping list. When shopping, many consumers are no longer choosing by brand but rather price. Brand loyalty is dropping as consumers shop at different retailers and select cheaper brands at higher rates than in 2020 and 2021. Additionally, nearly half of U.S. shoppers (43%) say they are now buying generic products at the grocery store to save money (up from 36% in October 2021). Brands and retailers must meet consumers’ needs during this high-stress time. For retailers, messaging should revolve around private brands and loyalty programs and deals. Meanwhile, brands must narrow in on their value proposition and show buyers why they should choose their brand, despite maybe being more expensive. Source: eMarketer, Morning Consult, McKinsey

Basis in the News

📰 How One Indie Agency Is Using Automation To Avoid The Pain Of Manual Reporting

Learn how Basis and its new Data Canvas feature empower indie agency Tag to devote more time to customer relations and campaign optimization. Read more here.

📰 Basis Technologies Integrates with Tunnl for Issue Advocacy with Precision and Scale

Learn about Basis’ new integration with data intelligence platform Tunnl. Read more here.

📰 Experts Debate What a Netflix Acquisition of Roku Could Mean for the Industry

Ian Trider, our VP of RTB Platform Operations, weighs in on the issues involved with Netflix potentially buying Roku. Read more here.

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