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The Basis Minute | April 2022

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Basis Platform Updates

Basis is constantly improving.

Feature Spotlight: Universal Search

Basis users can reduce clicking, and reach their destination faster, with Universal Search, which enables users to quickly search and navigate to Campaigns, Groups, or Tactics from anywhere in the platform. The feature is located at the top right corner of Basis and can be initiated from anywhere in the platform by clicking the magnifying glass.

Universal Search helps save time by allowing users to easily navigate between different campaigns or quickly find frequently visited items without having to click back to the Campaigns or Lines Items home pages in Basis. Learn more here.

Customize your pages

Basis now allows you to customize the Campaigns, Line Items, Ad Serving, and Analytics pages to display only the information that is most important to you. With the growing number of metrics associated with campaign delivery and performance, it may be tricky to find the column you want to add, therefore a search function has been added to the customization option.


NOBL Propaganda Brand Safety

Basis Technologies is offering a free solution to help stop ads on Russian Propaganda Sites. As of March 15, 2022, Basis Technologies will be providing free access to NOBL Media’s brand responsibility targeting solution to help stop ads from appearing on Russian propaganda sites.

NOBL is a brand safety partner whose targeting solution uses AI-driven linguistic analysis to determine, at scale and in real-time, if a web page’s content quality merits an ad. Adding NOBL to campaigns helps stop the funding of hate and low credibility sites (including those with Russian government propaganda) and instead targets credible, trusted publishers. NOBL’s brand safety targeting solution can be found in the Brand Protection section of campaign line items in Basis.

To learn more, read our official press release here.

Recent Basis Content

Listen Here!

AdTech UNFILTERED with Noor Naseer

New episode: “Keeping Up with Cannabis Advertising” with Sam Hollander

Marketers in the cannabis space face a host of unique challenges. From navigating advertising regulations, to reframing stigmas, to understanding under-researched audience segments, the opportunities presented by cannabis are accompanied by significant hurdles.

Sam Hollander, Chief Digital Officer at Enlighten, joined the podcast this month to share what he’s learned building an advertising framework for the largest digital retail and digital marketing company in cannabis. Listen in to learn why consumer education should be a priority for cannabis marketers, what first steps marketers should take before launching a campaign, which consumer profiles they should pay attention to, and more.

Listen now!

From Our Blog

Why Bid Shading Should Be Part of Your Programmatic Strategy

Why utilize bid shading? For programmatic marketers, the benefits come down to time savings and cost efficiency. Read more here.

Digital Audio Advertising Channels: Insights, Strategies and Trends

Have you heard the latest on audio? Find out more about the different audio channels advertisers can use to reach their target audience. Read more here.

How Higher Education Marketers Can Adjust to the New Normal

Where higher education once relied upon in-person facilities and offerings, they must now find ways to advertise their services to a world that’s increasingly virtual. Read more here.

Omni-Channel Advertising Platforms: What They Are and Why You Need One

Managing marketing campaigns has never been so complex. We look at how omni-channel advertising platforms simplify the process. Read more here.

Upcoming Events

Basis Success Webinar: Optimization Offerings

Join our upcoming Basis Success webinar where we teach users how to make impactful optimizations across all channels using the following Basis offerings:

  • Machine Learning Optimization

  • Algorithmic Optimization

  • Bid Multipliers

  • Our new feature: Bid Shading

Register today to join us on Tuesday, April 12th at 1:00pm CT!

On Our Reading List

SMILE: Social Media Innovations List Email

Centro’s SVP of Paid Social, Amy Rumpler, recommends taking a look at social trends and updates in the Social Media Innovations List Email (SMILE). Check out the newest SMILE.

LINK: Large Industry News & Knowledge

Basis Technologies' most relevant verticals and what you should know about them. This month we have some interesting content around the cannabis industry - read below to learn more.

2022 will be an important year for the cannabis industry. Not only are sales expected to surpass the $30 billion mark, but many states will have cannabis-related issues on their ballots. As mostly Southern and conservative states look to legalize or decriminalize marijuana this year, brands and media partners will need to stay up to date on all legislation. As usage becomes legalized in new places, brands should advertise heavily in the markets to gain substantial initial market share. Source: Mintel, U.S. Federal Government

Cannabis consumption increased by 4 percentage points between 2019 and 2020 due to stress relief needed in the early stages of the pandemic (28% vs. 32%). As consumers have adjusted to their new normal, consumption has steadied to just above pre-pandemic levels. While cannabis brands and dispensaries welcomed the additional usage in 2020, 2021 saw a dip in sales as the market steadied itself. To keep interest up in the market, brands and dispensaries must promote new products and use cases to those who already use and must promote the benefits and entry-level cannabis products to those who are interested but do not currently use. Source: Kantar Profiles/Mintel

Basis in the News

A Statement from Shawn Riegsecker, CEO of Basis Technologies

We published a statement in support of Ukraine as it relates to actions our company is taking. You can read the full message on our press page. Read more.


Data from our survey of media professionals is featured in eMarketer’s programmatic advertising report. Programmatic will continue gaining ground in years to come, as advertisers, ad tech platforms, and publishers collectively work toward a new normal. Read more.

Media Post

Basis Technologies is one of the first users of Roku’s advertising watermark technology. Here are some quick mentions of our participation. Read more.

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