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S.M.I.L.E. in May 2020

We're excited for this month's Social Media Innovation List Email, or SMILE, because the theme of the month is definitely INNOVATION.

With increases in usage continuing to hold strong across many social apps and networks, publishers have announced fast feature releases to help channel user engagement into strong ROI for brands—specifically in the areas of e-commerce, direct-response and video.

Report: Social Networks See Boost In Engagement, But Not Equally

eMarketer expects time spent per day on social media for US adults to equal 1 hour, 22 minutes in 2020. This report breaks down engagement increases across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat—and predicts that Instagram will be the winner in terms of seeing the biggest percentage increase in time spent between the three.

Facebook Releases Shops and Other E-Commerce Features

Aimed at allowing small and midsized businesses to make their goods available for sale online, Shops allows you to set up an online store accessible via Facebook and Instagram. Businesses can feature items from catalogs and customize the shop’s design. If Instagram Checkout is enabled, shoppers can checkout from within the shop. They can also contact the business through Messenger to ask questions, get support, and track deliveries. With more e-commerce features coming soon, the move resulted in an all-time high of Facebook shares this week.

TikTok Also Expanding Shopping Features

While their current e-commerce tools are not as robust as Instagram’s or Pinterest’s features, TikTok is testing a “Shop Now” call to action in creator videos. Ad revenues will be split between TikTok and the creator, and the feature allows links between influencer content and branded e-commerce ads. The timing is interesting as TikTok has made other large moves recently, naming Disney’s head of streaming as their new CEO. Definitely seems to point to a strong strategy for U.S. growth in the years to come.

Chipotle Shows Off new App Features in TikTok Campaign

What I think is most interesting about this campaign is how Chipotle is looking to leverage the leaned in mobile audience on TikTok to promote usage of their new app features, at a time when many customers are still unable or hesitant to walk into a restaurant to place an order. The brand’s TikTok videos revealed how users will be able to customize their orders and offered $1 delivery on any order of $10 or more until May 31.

Pinterest Launches Shopify Partnership

Now any merchant using Shopify’s platform can easily upload product catalogs to Pinterest and turn them into Shoppable Pins. The integration also includes new features around tag installation, pixel set-up and automatic updates of catalog details, creating better automation around the Shoppable Pins opportunity. Pinterest also recently launched Shopping Spotlights, giving pinners access to expert recommendations from tastemakers and publishers. These posts appear on the search tab, and link directly to in-stock retailer product pages: which can now be powered by this Shopify integration.

Takeaways from Twitter’s Q1 Earnings Call: Direct Response is Top Priority

The platform reported that they aim to accelerate their road map for direct-response advertising, beginning with improvements to their mobile app download ad format. There are definite signs discussed in this report as well that their increase in user engagement might be short lived, as the number of daily active users is already starting to re-stabilize after significant gains in March.

Reddit Launches Cryptocurrency to Reward Users for Engagement

The new currency can be used to buy exclusive badges, animated emoji’s and to unlock the ability to respond to Reddit comments using gifs. As opposed to other in-app rewards programs, this one is powered by the Ethereum network—meaning as users get used to the idea of currency on the platform, Reddit is paving the way for to eventually build the program into a valuable general exchange (where users could purchase goods, content and subscriptions, or trade with other users.)

Report: Live Video Replacing In-Person Interactions

Topping the list of videoconferencing services used by US adults in a recent survey is Apple’s FaceTime; with Facebook Messenger coming in second (above Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and other options.) This report also discusses Facebook’s recent release of Messenger Rooms, their new live videoconferencing solution designed to host up to 50 people at one time, which will eventually be integrated and accessible from across their family of apps and services.

Facebook Adds Native Targeting, Nielsen DMA’s to In-Stream Reserve

While in-stream reserve buying launched in early 2019 as a way for media buyers to purchase inventory that aligns with premium content from top-tier publishers and creators, these new targeting options now make it easier to run more regional campaigns during the pandemic. AdWeek also shares here some results of a study run last October among people who watch publisher videos on Facebook to understand why they watch them, how they share them, and why. (NOTE: Centro’s social team does have access to in-stream reserve inventory; please let us know if you are interested!)

Facebook Creates a Chatbot Using Reddit Posts

The program was trained on how to respond and interact with humans based on 1.5 billion examples of human interactions, on Reddit. While not at all perfect, this experts believe this is a step in the right direction to make Chatbots more interactive, automated, and able to respond with all of the nuances of a human.

Facebook Acquires Giphy

The Gif library and creator platform will be folded into Instagram, making it easier for users to incorporate GIF’s and stickers into Stories and Posts. Snapchat and Twitter haven’t yet commented on whether their relationships with Giphy will be impacted (Giphy GIF’s can currently be integrated into Tweets and Snaps.)

LinkedIn Adds Polls and Live Video-Based Events

In an effort to focus on capturing increased engagement, LinkedIn is focused on how to recreate a virtual office environment and make it easy for users to conduct essential work remotely. These new tools let users canvas for opinions and create and broadcast live video events.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)…

Here are a few useful webinars some of the social publishers have shared recently – recordings can be found at the links below for those that have already passed!

And just for fun…

Facebook has Avatars Now: Here’s How to Make One!

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