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S.M.I.L.E. in March 2022

Welcome to the newest edition of Social Media Innovation List Email! Here are some resources to keep you up-to-date on the latest in Social:

Rival IQ: 2022 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report

This report looks at the average brand engagement rates, by vertical, across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (based off of both organic and paid ads). To clarify: engagement metrics are calculated here using likes, comments, favorites, retweets, shares and reactions—divided by total follower count.

TikTok Isn’t the #1 US App for Shorter Videos

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube is still the top platform for watching short-form content, with 77.9% of their users going there to stream videos less than 10 minutes long, according to eMarketer. That said, in a separate report, eMarketer also discussed how TikTok is looking to eat into YouTube’s dominance in capturing social video watchers across all age demographics. In related news, TikTok also announced this month they’re increasing maximum video length on the platform from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, likely in a move to capture long-form video consumers as well.

TikTok Rising Trends Report: What’s Next

The second edition of this annual report includes insights into key user trends and shifts that are likely to impact brand strategy over the coming year. Within each trend, the report includes case studies showcasing how marketers are maximizing opportunity around those topics, as well as specific tips on the types of posts that are performing well within each category. For example, in North America: TikTok is inspiring a new generation to be financially informed and aware of tools that can help users make smarter financial decisions. Brands can join in the dialogue with compelling content that helps strengthen financial literacy and take advantage of key moments like tax season.

Google: Search Trends Around Big Life Moments (Watch)

In this Think with Google video installment, Google researchers discuss how people are changing their education habits, why residential real estate is top of mind, and what the rise in car searches means. (A key theme is searchers are using Google to prepare for life’s biggest moments more than ever.) Within each of these search categories, Google talks about what marketers need to know about each of these categories and the consumer mindset in each of these moments.

Facebook Widely Viewed Content Report

This first report in a new series of data coming out of Meta talks about the most widely viewed content in the Newsfeed. One important distinction they are quick to call out: the most widely viewed content isn’t necessarily the content that gets the most engagement. That said, Meta does confirm that 57% of the posts people see in the feed is from family and friends, less than 13% is posts with links, and the top-viewed news domains only make up .31% of all content views. The kinds of posts that are most viewed include content about pets, family, cooking, and relatable viral content.

Twitter 2022 Trends Report

After analyzing billions of Tweets over a two-year period, Twitter compiled the must-know trends to be aware of this year: from the Great Restoration (not to be confused with Resignation) to Fan-Built Worlds to Finance Goes Social. Each section of the report reveals the conversations that surround these trending topics, as well as tips to understand what this means for marketers.

eMarketer US Video Influencer Marketing Report: 2022

This report contains an analysis of the creator video landscape, and offers strategic tips marketers can use to achieve success with 2022 campaigns. Not surprising, eMarketer recommends that marketers take a video-first approach to creator marketing this year, and consider TikTok a good stage for new partnerships. That said, a mix of video and static assets is still advantageous – especially for other platforms.

Notable Feature Updates:

Pinterest Predicts Official Recap: The Biggest Announcements

In their second annual global ads summit, Pinterest shared information on the latest trends and innovations coming out of the platform – summarized here. One huge area of focus was around shopping in the platform; the new “Your Shop” recommendations engine, for example, is designed to suggest products, brands and creators to each user based on their own activities and preferences. Pinterest is also expanding Checkout on the platform to allow the ability to purchase items within the app for certain US-based Shopify retailers (in BETA). Read on for more important updates!

Twitter Testing In-platform Shops

Joining in the social commerce craze: Twitter recently announced a new feature allowing merchants to pick a collection of up to 50 products to showcase to shoppers directly inside the platform. When users visit the profile of a merchant with Shops enabled, they’ll see a “view shop” button just above their tweets. It’s all part of a larger effort to “better support professionals who come to Twitter to do business.” Partners with Shops enabled today includes @Verizon, @ArdenCove, @LatinxInPower, @GayPrideApp, and @AllIDoIsCookUS.

Meta Showcases New VR Building Tools

In preparation for fulfilling their Metaverse vision, Meta has shared some additional details around their Horizon VR project and “Builder Bot”. It’s designed to make it easier for creators to build their own customized, VR space you can invite others to join: without any prior knowledge of 3D modeling or other advanced technologies. While there are some limitations currently, it speaks to how Meta plans to make the Metaverse a more inclusive, approachable space for both users and brands.

Google Debuts Vehicle Ads Format

Vehicle ads will initially be available in the US, but will expand to more countries soon. When consumers search for a vehicle type and year in Google, they’ll be served options featuring images, inventory information, and price. From there you can click through to the dealer’s site to fill out a lead form or get contact information. A Vehicle Inventory Data feed is required, connected through the Google Merchant Center.

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