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S.M.I.L.E. in June 2021

Welcome to the newest edition of Social Media Innovation List Email! Here are some resources to keep you up-to-date on the latest in Social:

Facebook Insights: Key Topics to Watch from Q1

This segment from FacebookIQ aims to shine a light on some of the conversations that occurred on their platforms in Q1, revealing the ways in which people are “embracing the new normal” as businesses begin to reopen. Travel, Streetwear, Resort Benefits, and Body Positivity are some of the key themes explored.

Instagram Overview: How Its Algorithms Work

During Instagram’s Creator Week event, they provided some extra insight into how the feed actually dictates content reach within the app. The link above provides key takeaways you should be aware of, but the full explanation provided by Instagram can also be read here.

Twitter Insights: The Rise of Sports Engagement

Twitter recently shared new data on the increase of tweets related to sports events, now that more fans can be attendance at more events. This report also highlights how other entertainment-based topics, like gaming, music, food/drinks and have seen a rise in interest of late – signaling the evolving focus on re-entering society as vaccines roll out globally.

Microsoft Launches Tours and Activities Ad Format

Just this week Microsoft announced that advertisers in the US and UK can sign up for an open BETA program to test a new ad format that uses unique feed files with tour and activity information to show users events they might be interested in attending in Bing search or maps. With people rapidly re-engaging in leisure activities, this ad format offers the travel and leisure industries more options to heighten demand and reach travelers.

Everything You Need to Know About Google Performance Max Campaigns

At this year’s Google Marketing Livestream event, the company announced a broader roll-out of Performance Max – a setting that lets Google automate the targeting and delivery of campaigns based on the goals and inputs advertisers enter. You can think of this as similar to responsive social campaigns that are designed to run across multiple placements with dynamic ad formats that automatically adjust. Additional updates from GML can be found here, but take note that not all updates are available to all advertisers just yet.

D2C Skincare Brand CMO talks TikTok, International Expansion and Post-Pandemic Retail

I found this Q&A with Junior Pence from Peace Out Skincare full of interesting insights about what the last year has been like for D2C brands overall. He discusses in this eMarketer article the importance of incorporating more messaging across platforms like TikTok, how consumer social media behavior shifted as well, and what customers are looking for now (to get out of the house!).

Pinterest Launches Virtual Test Drive Ads with Volkswagen

In a bid to embrace both AR/VR and auto advertisers, Pinterest introduced a new in-car experience that can be activated from Promoted Pins and allows users to be taken into an interactive, 360 degree view of a Volkswagen. As a first of its kind experience on the platform, there’s a lot of speculation as to whether this s type of format will eventually become commonplace for other types of eCommerce and product discovery. For more information on how Pinterest is leading the charge for heightened eCommerce and product discovery this summer, I’d also check out this AdWeek coverage of additional shopping features rolling out in the US and other markets this year.

Snapchat Report: How Branded AR Influences Purchasing

Speaking of AR… Snapchat and Publicis Media partnered to discuss how these tools might help brands engage and influence purchase behavior in 2021. Along with market research company Alter Agents, they found that AR usage is more commonplace than marketers might think, with more than half of people 13-49 saying they have used it in the past. More than 3 in 4 consumers think AR will play an important role in how they shop in the next 5 years.

Instagram Adds “Drops” Product Showcase to Boost eCommerce

Speaking of eCommerce… Instagram introduced a new feature last month to help highlight the latest product launches from brands you’ve engaged with or may be interested in at the top of the Shops tab. This enables brands to provide alerts to interested users based on what they’ve previewed, boosting awareness and interest. In order to qualify, brands must use the “Product Launch” feature via Commerce Manager inside the app.

Facebook Report: The Future of AR/VR

Speaking of AR… Facebook recently published a report on how the technology is evolving and where they believe it’s headed in terms of consumer interest, future applications, utility and more. The full report is linked above, or you can browse the highlights here thanks to Social Media Today.

Twitter Testing First Full-Screen Vertical Ad

In a move to monetize Fleets (the Shapchat like disappearing tweets Twitter introduced last year), they recently announced new full-screen video ad formats are becoming more widely available for advertisers and users. According to Twitter, Fleets are meant to “connect your message with the everyday; a space for brands to be creative: go behind the scenes, have a creator take over your account, or share a hot take.”

Snapchat: New Holiday Guide and Resource Hub

It seems early to be talking about this already, but according to Snapchat now is the time to be thinking about Holiday strategy as people start turning their attention to seasonal gift giving by October. Linked here is a quick resource for you to follow throughout the next few months as additional tips and tricks will be rolled out as the holidays grow near.

LinkedIn Report: The Changing Marketing Landscape

LinkedIn recently released a series of blog posts discussing how the top skills B2B marketers need to thrive has changed over the years. Recruiting marketers specifically should take note of the fact that there has been a large rise in remote roles and demand for permanent work-from-home positions. As a result, remote jobs get more applicants.

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