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S.M.I.L.E. in June 2020

Welcome to the June 2020 edition of the Social Media Innovation List Email, or SMILE! Here are resources to help keep you up to date on the latest announcements, articles, features and reports related to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest… and more.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Campaign to Boost Voter Registration

In USA Today, the Facebook founder published this Op-Ed outlining how they plan to launch a new campaign to prevent voter suppression and encourage over 4 million people to vote. This includes building a new Voting Information Center at the top of the Facebook and Instagram Feed, as they expect more than 160 million people to seek authoritative information on the upcoming elections over the following months. They also plan to continue efforts to protect against fraudulent advertising during this election season, and allowing the ability to turn off all political ads in the newsfeed.

Report: US Social Media Usage Changes

This latest report from eMarketer looks to explain what has changed for social media users since the beginning of the pandemic; addresses which specific social media activities are gaining more attention (time in feed, messaging, live streaming, gaming); and, breaks down the latest statistics for each major social platform. They also make some long-term predictions for how long this engagement increase can be expected to last. Spoiler alert: trends will start to moderate in late 2020, with a potentially more visible return to pre-COVID levels by later in 2021—although, for the time being, many people (67%) surveyed a by a recent Business Insider Intelligence survey estimated that they are spending 1 hour of time or more on social media per day.

Non-Medical Facemask Ads Allowed on Facebook

Heads up: the platform recently updated their temporary ban on products (such as face masks) that could lead to scams, misleading medical claims, supply shortages, and inflated prices—and are now allowing the promotion of non-medical face masks in organic posts, ads and commerce listings.

Facebook and AppsFlyer Provide Campaign-level ROAS Data

The new measurement solution allows gaming application developers to measure revenue in-app in order to calculate return on ad spend as a result of Facebook and Facebook Audience Network campaigns. Prior to the integration, ROAS calculations were estimated and imprecise.

Facebook Report: How Machine Learning is Used to Deliver Ads

Facebook recently published some additional information and hosted a webinar explaining how their ad products are designed to deliver value for both people and businesses through machine learning. Common questions answered here include: How does Facebook decide which ads to show people? How do they use machine learning to inform ad delivery? How does that improve the experience for users? And finally – what controls can people utilize to help determine what ads they see?

Snapchat Dynamic Product Ads Available Worldwide

The feature (similar to another product available on Facebook) lets brands automatically create ads in real-time based on product catalogs, and interactions users are taking on-site to engage with those products. This Ad Week article includes some great visuals on how the ads work. More upcoming Snap features—such as a range of new AR lenses, a new function bar to improve in-app navigation, and a variety of new content in Discover and Stories—was also announced at their recent partner summit.

Twitter Insights: How the Dining Industry is Adapting

During the pandemic, Twitter analyzed conversations around dining to determine how users were changing their eating habits—and how brands were responding. This report provides some great examples of how advertisers are leaning into the platform to show support for the community, offer deals and new menu items, protect quality and sanitation, and using humor to provide moments of levity.

Twitter Allowing Short-Form Audio Recordings

The platform revealed today a new feature that lets users record and tweet up to 140 seconds of audio. The feature will be limited to certain iOS users at first, but will quickly roll out to everyone in the coming weeks.

TikTok Is Growing Up, and So Are It’s Users

In this brief history of TikTok, Ad Week discusses their recent growth during the pandemic, and emerging data that shows millennials are making up a greater share of the app’s user base than ever before. “Not only are more people using it because it’s fresh, but because people now actually have time to sit and watch things on their phone and have time left to create content,” says Alex Devlin, a WME talent agent who represents TikTok influencers.

Watch (:08): Marketing In Uncertain Times with LinkedIn

Penry Pence, VP of marketing solutions at LinkedIn, joins eMarketer VP of business development Marissa Coslov to discuss the platform’s response to COVID-19. Penry shares how strategy has shifted to support new behavior around job searching and sales activity, best practices for how advertisers can adjust, and considerations for the future.

LinkedIn Adds Retargeting by Video Views, Lead-Gen Form Activity

The new features rolls out to Ads Manager over the next month, allowing marketers to retarget people who completed a certain percentage of a video, or opened and submitted a Lead form. The goal of the new feature is to help brands message users based on where they are in the purchase process.

Pinterest Pushes Into Online Grocery

Last June, the platform started testing a new feature that lets users purchase groceries directly from the site. Image seeing a photo of a dish or recipe you like, and clicking to order all of the items needed to recreate it at home. With recent events, and a surge in search queries on Pinterest related to topics like “cooking tips”, CPG food brands like Hormel have started to lean into this new shoppable ad format with positive results.

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