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S.M.I.L.E. in August 2020

A Look at Q2: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter This article summarizes a recently released report by SocialBakers in which they cover changes in paid metrics across all platforms during Q2 and fluctuations in paid media spend. They also take a look at whether images or video posts continue to dominate, as an indication of how users are interacting with the platform and advertisers during this time. Outside of this report, others are reporting that Facebook specifically continues to see increases in daily users and revenue year over year.

Social Industry Report: Financial Services

This Netbase Quid report gives good insight into what kinds of social interactions are driving engagement and brand affinity for financial institutions, as well as an analysis in what brands are performing well against key indicators. This allows for a granular look at the social mentions, posts, impressions, sentiment and engagements top brands are receiving in 2020 across categories like banking, credit cards, insurance, investment banking, payment services, crypto currency, and internet lending.

Facebook Merging Instagram and Messenger Chats A few months ago, when Facebook began combining the back-end of all of their messenger tools into one cohesive platform, I mentioned this was a possibility. This week, they officially began integrating the front end of the systems as well. After updating your app, the regular DM icon in Instagram is replaced with the Messenger logo—opening the door for all types of new messaging capabilities from within Instagram.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Facebook Shops In eMarketer’s Social Media Update Q2 2020 report, they explored some of the latest developments in social e-commerce. This new article looks at how Shops could influence SMB’s by creating new revenue streams and opportunities to connect with customers.

What’s Trending on Reddit, and What Does it Mean for Brands? The Drum has partnered with Reddit’s newly formed marketing sciences team to release twice-monthly updates on what’s trending. For advertisers: knowing how to act on current trends as they happen, tap into the purpose of conversations to understand how to incite action, and speak authentically to users, can provide opportunities to create deeper engagement than ever before.

Snapchat released a slew of new features in the last month--many of which seem to be directly aimed at competing with and differentiating from fellow social networks. For example:

A Guide to Instagram Reels

Reels is a new feature that lets you record and edit short videos set to songs… hmm, sounds a lot like TikTok! Here’s a quick walk through of the new tool that details out all of its functionality to get you started. And if you happen to be a former TikTok user with millions of followers, you might also want to know that Facebook is offering incentives to give Reels a shot.

Music Videos on Facebook

Users are now able to discover, watch and share music videos from today’s top artists and up and coming bands via Facebook. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see exclusive video premiers, and more engagement from users as they watch, comment and share content from their favorite artists.

Instagram Rolls Out Suggested Posts

These posts, from accounts you don’t follow, will show up at the end of your feed after you’ve seen all of the latest updates from accounts you do follow. This will replace the previous “All Caught Up” message that users have seen when they reach the end of their feed. The company has said this new release is not intended to merely keep people glued to the platform, but rather to provide them with personalized content that you are likely to find valuable based on your interests.

Pinterest Holiday Insights abound right now, as the platform has released new data showing their audience is planning and shopping for gifts earlier than ever before in 2020. They also recently shared 6 Personas of Holiday Shoppers to help advertisers understand how to tap into the interests of different segments of Pinterest consumers. With a focus on retail and e-commerce this year, Pinterest has released new tools to help leverage AR applications for connecting people with new products, such as an expansion of their Try On feature to let users browse a variety of beauty and fashion products that appeal to any skin tone.

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Stories

With the roll out of LinkedIn Stories slowing expanding in coming months, businesses should consider how to use the new feature to engage with their audience in a format people are used to experiencing elsewhere. This article features a few quick tips to keep in mind as your company begins experimenting with Stories.

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