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November's Basis Minute!

The Basis Minute, November edition! Hi Basis friends! This is The Basis Minute, our monthly newsletter written specifically for Basis users. Each month, we’re excited to deliver Basis resources, product updates, industry resources, landscape education, and more straight to your inbox.


Product Releases Our product teams have been busy improving Basis for you! Check out the past month of releases below:

  • Now Available! Dashboard (Beta)

○ Upon logging into Basis, you will have a customized experience! The dashboard hosts a collection of widgets, and a comments feed to connect team members, increase productivity and add focus. Expect additional widgets in the coming months!

  • Now Available! Factual Audience Designer integration

○ Factual’s Audience solution lets you deliver ads to mobile users based on previous real-world behaviors. Now you can create your own Factual Audience segments directly in Basis from the Inventory Directory.


New Resources and Trainings Our Centro Institute team has developed some new tutorials to get you up-to-speed or brush up on Basis.

  • Basis Tutorials: Workflow

  • Basis Tutorials: DSP

  • The password for all showcases and videos is BasisTutorial2019!


Events Join us for some exciting and educational events in the future.

  • Centro Certified: Our fantastic certification events will be back in 2020! The team is setting the schedule now. Stay tuned for dates.

  • Dallas! Meet us in Dallas at the Digital Summit from 12/2 - 12/4 at the Irving Convention Center.

Missed an event? Catch up on our recent activity below.

  • Webinar: Leveraging Basis for New Business Pitches

○ Winning new business is complicated and intense! Basis can help make your pitch stand out from the rest. In a world where you're asked to squeeze margins and shave down CPMs, it can seem like a race to the bottom. Basis can help you bring innovation and creativity back to the new business process.

Webinar recording | Please use the password: Basis4NewBiz

Leveraging Basis for New Business Pitches (Basis-branded slides) | Please use the password: Basis4NewBiz

Leveraging Ad Tech for New Business Pitches (white-labeled slides) | Please use the password: Basis4NewBiz

Product tour video

  • Webinar: The Future of Automation

○ Earlier this year, the 4As set out to create a 360-degree view on the future of programmatic and other forms of automation. In partnership with The 614 Group, Centro is now helping to share the findings of this report to increase awareness of how automation will continue to impact business.

■ Catch up to the future here.

  • Webinar: How to Harness the Power of Data

○ Data is the most powerful asset marketers have available to them. At the same time, using that data effectively is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. In this month’s webinar, we’ll share the marketer’s blueprint for data strategy.

■ The recording can be found here.


Listen here!

New Episode! AdTech Unfiltered with Noor Naseer: Selling the American

Dream (with James Schwartz)

James Schwarz is tasked to do a whole lot more than sell the American dream. He’s helping people fulfill the goal of buying and selling property across the globe in over 100 countries. He’s also working to attract and retain realtors by providing innovative marketing tools that help close deals. As VP of Marketing & Media Strategies at RE/MAX, Schwartz oversees digital marketing, media and creative services for the noted real estate company’s more than 6,800 offices and over 100,000 agents. James shares the challenges the company faces in a crowded and competitive marketplace and how RE/MAX is making it easy for realtors to use digital tactics to get in front of prospective buyers and sellers. The episode is available now via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. Search for ‘AdTech Unfiltered’ in your favorite podcasting app to subscribe.


Spotlight on...

We’ve joined forces with OmniVirt to introduce an innovative opportunity to help you level up campaign performance in Basis. OmniVirt can transform your existing display assets into 3D ads for better performance. Check out their demo to see an example of a 3D ad!

How it works:

  • OmniVirt receives your JPG or PSD display asset and converts into 3D.

  • An HTML5 ad tag (for each display asset) is then served across your desired inventory through Basis.

  • These awesome units are served in existing display inventory and are the same size as the original display assets.

  • A serving fee is charged and scales down based on impression volume.

Results: Brands like Paramount Pictures, Facebook, and Little Caesar's are seeing 30-300% increases in digital KPIs, including click-through rate and conversions.

To get started, contact Michael Rucker at


What's on our reading list:

Our fabulous Media Innovations team, Ryan Manchee, Noor Naseer, and Christine Kim are always on the cutting edge. Check out their recommendations on what to read from this month’s Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL):

  • Can Contextual Targeting Replace Third-Party Cookies?

  • As the California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect in January of 2020, companies are preparing for advertisers to use more contextual targeting. While some agencies believe that contextual targeting is only a band-aid, others believe that the level of contextual targeting will become more sophisticated. For example, advertisers can create dynamic keyword targeting lists in 33 different languages that automatically get updated based on what’s likely to achieve higher performance and reach.

  • Solving OOH's attribution problem takes on new urgency amid a renaissance

  • With OOH being one of the few non-digital categories growing (4.5% in 2018 over 2017, upwards of $8 billion), the challenge around attribution remains one of the channel’s biggest challenges, with brands are unsure how to measure how many people actually saw an ad and what, if any, impact it had on the viewer. As lines continue to blur between traditional and digital ad buying and execution, new innovations in measurement are offering ways for savvy marketers to more deeply understand the impact of OOH.

Centro’s VP of Paid Social, Amy Rumpler, recommends reading through the following articles in her Social Media Innovation List E-mail (SMILE):

○ In a September 2019 survey of US Teens, 2% said TikTok is the social platform they use most often

○ 12% of internet users from 16-64 in North America used TikTok in Q2 2019

○ 63% of the apps users are in the Asia-Pacific region (not including China)

○ Brand safety issues, content censorship and privacy concerns may hold some brands back from investing in the platform

○ Douyin, older sibling to TikTok, is starting to affect usage of WeChat in some demographics: new features such as shopping integrations and more quality content are helping to drive engagement.

○ In the US, TikTok is the ninth-largest mobile social media pp among adults, with a unique visitor count of 37% of Twitter, 15% of Snapchat, and 10% of Facebook/Instagram.

○ 75% of US adults say they watch video on YouTube, 56% choose Facebook, and 8% use TikTok.

○ 17% of internet users 10 to 17 check the app daily, ranking it 14th of all apps surveyed (YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Fortnite, Twitter and Candy Crush rounded out the top 10.)

  • Facebook Report: Video Streaming Trends

  • Facebook commissioned Accenture to find out how video streaming trends are playing out in key markets across the globe. Aside from providing important data points on how video streaming users in each market are consuming content across one or more services, the report also breaks down the key takeaways marketers should keep in mind when creating content and channel strategies.

  • Verizon to Pre-Install Snapchat on 5G Phones

  • The two compVerizon to Pre-Install Snapchat on 5G Phonesanies recently announced a partnership that will give Verizon ad placement in Snap Originals programming, and will allow the company to work with Verizon’s 5G Labs to build AR experiences for live events and Verizon marketing activations. On the flip side, Verizon aims to show off their 5G tech by allowing the app, their filters and AR to load quickly on new devices. This move has interesting timing, as Fast Company also recently published excerpts from a report that shows the demographic growing the most of the platform is no longer the 11 to 17 year old set, but in fact the above 35 year old crowd.


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