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New Feature Announcements: Geopolitical Targeting & Pacing Notifications

New Geopolitical Targeting

Now Available: State-level District Targeting

Geopolitical targeting on Basis is expanding to include State Legislative District Targeting for DSP campaigns, along with updated 2022 Congressional Districts. Basis is excited to be the only platform to offer this level of targeting, powered by L2 data. State-level District Targeting is an additional target layer to Basis’ existing offering that includes US Congressional Districts by District or by State.

A couple of notes on this release:

  • Redistricting data will be refreshed weekly throughout 2022, powered by L2. For the latest update on timing, please reference weekly posts here.

  • Geopolitical targeting is offered at no additional charge in Basis

How to Get Started:

  • Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  • Select a campaign.

  • Select a media plan.

  • Create a new tactic or edit an existing one.

  • Select Location > Geopolitical

  • Click Add [+] to add a congressional district or a state to your location's targeting rules. You can search by state, district, or district code

  • Finalize your location targeting rules in the Location Rules panel.

  • Click Save

Additional setup details can be found here.

Additional Resources:

Learn more about the tools Basis offers for political campaigns:

Pacing Notifications

Pacing Notifications are now available!

Reduce over and/or underdelivering by receiving email updates on any line items that are not pacing as expected.

Pacing Notifications are automated emails that contain line item pacing data from Basis. When sent, any line items that are pacing outside of the pacing threshold (determined by the individual user) will be listed.

What are the key benefits?

  • Campaign Fulfillment: Reduce the likelihood of underspending and giving campaign budget back.

  • Cost Savings: Reduce the likelihood of overspending campaign budget or spending it before a campaign’s end date.

  • Peace of Mind: Increase confidence in campaign pacing, knowing that line items are being monitored even when they cannot be viewed manually.

  • Client Satisfaction: Reduce pacing mistakes and increase pacing consistency.

Important Details

Emails are sent at 11:00 AM CST on the day scheduled by the user.

Any line items that are pacing outside the threshold will be listed in the email.

Users will only receive emails for campaigns they are assigned to in Basis

Only the individuals who activate Pacing Notifications will receive email alerts.

Emails can be disabled or reactivated at anytime

Set-up & additional information?

Information on how to set up Pacing Notifications can be found here!


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