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New Feature Announcement: GCM Cross-Environment Conversions

GCM Cross-Environment Conversions are now available in Basis!

Basis Users can now get a more complete view of their campaign conversion reporting without having to leave the platform! GCM Cross-Environment Conversions can be viewed in the Basis Analytics Dashboard and Reporting.

GCM cross-environmental conversions are campaign conversions reported in Google Campaign Manager across all environments (tablet, mobile, and desktop; app and web) regardless of the device or environment a user converts on.

They include the total number of conversions – For example, both instances where customers click a search ad and convert on the same device or browser, as well as those where customers click a search ad on one device or browser but convert in a different environment are included.

What are the key benefits?

  • Efficiency/Time Savings: Save time by eliminating the need to work in multiple platforms to analyze and pull conversion performance.

  • Complete Performance Measurement: Gain a more holistic understanding of campaign effectiveness across all digital environments.

  • Informed Optimization & Targeting: A better understanding of campaign effectiveness enables informed cross-device targeting and campaign optimization.

  • Recognized Revenue: See the revenue driven from cross-environment conversions that was previously not recognized in Basis.

Who should be using this feature?

Tracking & mapping CGM Cross Environment Conversions will be most helpful for those using both first and third-party data when running a campaign and who want to track conversions across several devices/environments.

  • The feature is also useful for those with a multi-stream targeting approach who want to track significant actions.

Set up GCM Cross-Environment Conversions

Enable Cross-Device Tracking

  1. Navigate to a Campaign Tactic

  2. In the Device section, select “On” under cross-device

Enable Cross-Environment Conversion Reporting

  1. Navigate to the Delivery Screen within the Campaign Dashboard

  2. Select the line item to which the delivery source needs to be mapped.

  3. Select the delivery source that needs to be mapped to the line item

  4. Click on the 3 dots menu on the delivery source and click edit

  5. On the Selective Metrics page that opens up, check the box “Cross-Environment Conversions (for Google Campaign Manager only)”

Please note: The checkbox will not be checked/selected by default. If the account does not have GCM permissions (to add permission name), the checkbox will be disabled and greyed out.

Enable Reporting View on the Analytics Screen

  1. Navigate to the Analytics page, and click on the settings menu above the line items table

  2. Click on Customize columns.

  3. In the Conversion section, select the new conversion metrics:

  • CTC

  • Total Revenue CTC

  • CTC + XD (GCM Cross-Environment)

  • Total Conversions + XD (GCM Cross-Environment) + Total Revenue+ XD (GCM Cross-Environment)

  • VTC + XD (GCM Cross-Environment)

View New Report

1. Navigate to the Reports page to download the new report

Detailed setup instructions are also available in the Help Center.

Additional Info

Permissions: Your profile needs "View cross-device conversions" permissions in GCM. Reporting permissions are not required.

Analytics Screen Timing: It may take any time between 40 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes for the numbers to correctly reflect in the Analytics screen as well as the new report.


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