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  • Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Introducing Data Canvas

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and static presentations! Now you can communicate with members inside and outside of your organization through customizable, live dashboards.

With Data Canvas, you can create timely, ongoing, and visual reports that showcase your campaign’s performance, including over 35 metrics across 54 data fields. The feature automates reporting processes for your team, reduces the number of tools your organization needs, and minimizes errors resulting from manual calculations.

Clicks, conversions, video completions, and many other metrics can be added to a dashboard. After tailoring one of the starting templates to your specific needs, you can download and send it, schedule its delivery, and, for the first time, you’ll be able to create an account for your client to log into Basis and check how well their campaigns are performing!

Visual data storytelling

Data Canvas provides timely, ongoing, and visual communication. To use:

  • Determine what metrics you need to report on

  • Choose a starting template

  • Customize it any way you want

  • Share your dashboards with stakeholders

Consolidated tool stack

Data Canvas reduces operational costs resulting from

  • Installing, onboarding, training, maintaining, and support of new tools

  • Manual errors in transferring data from one program to another

  • Processing and managing multiple vendors and partners

Data Canvas has been a huge timesaver! Before I started using this feature, it could take me up to six hours to create a report for my clients. I would have to download several files, sort out the data points that I needed, create graphs and charts, and manually add the information to a presentation I could share.” -Audra Foley, VP of Media, TAG

Don’t imagine it. See it.


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