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Happy New Year From The Basis Minute!

Happy New Year! This is The Basis Minute, our monthly newsletter written specifically for Basis users. Each month, we’re excited to deliver Basis resources, product updates, industry resources, landscape education, and more straight to your inbox.

Product Releases Our product teams have been busy improving Basis for you! Check out the past month of releases below:

  • The Basis Dashboard [BETA] now includes widgets for Proposals and Insertion Orders

○ The new Dashboard, which is designed to quickly surface information about your Basis campaigns, now includes two new widgets for Proposals and Insertion Orders.

○ To access the new Basis Dashboard [BETA], click the navigation bar in the top left corner of any Basis page and choose Basis Dashboard [BETA] or follow this link.

  • Now Available! Universal Pixel hits

○ Basis users can now see the hits for Universal Pixels for a given time frame. This information can help you understand retargeting scales, set realistic KPIs, and troubleshoot pixel implementation problems.

New Resources and Trainings

Centro Certified is back! Check out the updates to our popular Basis training programs below:

  • Brand new content: The Centro Certified team has increased the course offerings and improved the existing programs.

  • Let's take this show on the road: Centro Certified's popular programs are traveling the US this year! In addition to the home base of Chicago, Centro Certified will make stops in Dallas, Denver, and New York City.

  • The dates are set: Check out the registration links below for program information, locations, and dates.

Which course is right for you? Centro Certified course overviews are below!

Click on the registration links for

  • Basis Foundations : For new Basis users ready to dig into campaign setup and learn basic buying capabilities and new features for direct and DSP campaigns. Register for Basis Foundations here!

  • Basis Foundations 2.0 : For existing Basis clients with a firm understanding of campaign set-up and looking to build a new set of capabilities within Basis. Register for Basis Foundations 2.0 here!

  • Business Development : For agency business development leads Christine Kim is the director of focused on growing and winning new business with the expanded Client Learning for Centro and the capabilities of Basis. Register for Basis for Business Development here! host for Centro Certified


Join us for some exciting and educational events in the future.

  • February 6-7, Basis Foundations in Chicago: We are kicking off the 2020 Centro Certified series with Basis Foundations in Chicago from February 6-7. Join us for Basis Foundations!

  • February 12 at 1:30ET, Spotlight on Reddit, Datorama, and OmniVirt

○ Here at Basis, we are all about educating our clients and users. Oftentimes that means sharing information about the evolving digital media landscape or teaching hands-on-keyboards skills within Basis. It's also important to bring you new and innovative partnership ideas to boost your media success. Periodically, we will be bringing you new and interesting offerings from our vendor partners to inject a little creativity and innovation into your plans.

Join us at 1:30ET on Wednesday, February 12th for our next customer webinar, Spotlight on Reddit, Datorama, and OmniVirt.

Register now!

  • February 25-27, Digiday Media Buying Summit, Palm Springs, CA: Are you attending the Digiday Media Buying Summit in February? If so, stop by our lounge and say hi! We look forward to seeing you.

  • March 5-6, Basis Foundations 2.0 in Chicago: Feeling comfortable with Basis but want to boost your skills? Join us for Basis Foundations 2.0 from March 5-6 in the Windy City. Get more information on Basis Foundations 2.0 here!

Listen here!

New Episode! AdTech Unfiltered with Noor Naseer: Make Media Buying Better (with Tyler Kelly)

In an age where innovation is king, it can be shocking to see

advertisers and agencies stick to the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, media buyers are often stuck using the same tools and systems that were in vogue over a decade ago

Centro’s President, Tyler Kelly, has a different approach: He knows that the system is broken and is already working hard to offer solutions. In this episode, Kelly speaks with host, Noor Naseer, about innovating in a hypercompetitive marketplace, accommodating the shifting expectations of marketers, and attracting new generations of talent.

The episode is available now via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. Search for ‘AdTech Unfiltered’ in your favorite podcasting app to subscribe.

Big news! Basis is now certified by Hulu!

Say hello to Hulu! Basis is now certified to buy on Hulu’s private marketplace (PMP). Basis customers that secure approval from Hulu gain cross-channel video advertising capabilities through programmatic ad buys that reach 72 million viewers watching on connected TVs and other devices.

“Advertisers deserve choice and control in their transaction experience,” said Doug Fleming, Head of Advanced TV at Hulu. “Adding Centro’s Basis as a certified DSP partner offers advertisers yet another opportunity to reach their target audiences with efficiency on Hulu via our Advanced TV platform.”

Buying on Hulu’s PMP allows you to:

  • Activate campaigns in real-time to reach millions of authenticated subscribers viewing premium, brand-safe video on-demand or live

  • Deliver targeted messages to customers on visually engaging ad units served within high-production environments

  • Leverage Hulu’s data-driven audience segments based on user demographics, interests, behaviors, location, and a variety of other factors

Interested in getting approved by Hulu? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Spotlight: For Variant, doing well means doing good.

Variant is different by design. As an end-to-end digital agency, Variant specializes in creative and media services and ties them together with the thread of meaningful human connection. To Variant, “meaningful human connection” is more than a marketing strategy—their modern business model is founded on making a positive social impact and the agency donates hours, media, and money to community initiatives. After founding and subsequently selling his first media company, Matt Parker set out to build something different in the media world—an agency whose margins yield social good. He put together a team of passionate media and creative experts, but Matt needed a platform that could enable Variant to live up to their potential and make the impact they were capable of in order to give back.

Enter Basis. Basis has enabled Variant’s team to get out of the weeds and deliver on those meaningful human connections. “Basis has literally everything. We have third party data lists, a massive amount of different vendors, private marketplace deals, and a ton of partnerships that are available from day one. We don’t have multiple ad tech vendors—it’s all in Basis.”

“[Basis] was just a complete system. It was easy to use. At the time, all I wanted to do was put a piece of software in front of team and have them say, ‘we love it.’ Fortunately, we didn’t to go through tons of options to figure out that Basis was a great fit for us.” —Matt Parker, Founder of Variant

As Variant continues to grow and succeed, their impact on the community will too! Basis is proud to stand with them in their mission to give back.

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn or reach out to

What's on our reading list:

Our fabulous Media Innovations team, Ryan Manchee, Noor Naseer, and Christine Kim are always on the cutting edge. Check out their recommendations on what to read from this month’s Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL):

  • Top Marketing Trends for 2020 [:05] With constant updates, new techniques, and changes to algorithms, the digital marketing world moves fast to keep up with the trends. Fortune predicts that the following will be marketing trends for 2020: shoppable posts, virtual and augmented reality, interactive content, personalization, Google Ads Smart Bidding, content marketing, video content, and SERP position zero.

  • LUMA’s State of Digital Marketing 2019 [:20] As 2019 comes to a close, the LUMA team releases its annual State of Digital Marketing report, breaking down the winners and losers of 2019 in IPOs, what the ecosystem looked like in 2019 and how it will change in 2020, and how digital media will be impacted by the latest privacy laws.

  • Why PayPal’s Acquisition Of Rewards Platform Honey Is A Big Deal [:06] Paypal acquired Honey for $4 billion, making it PayPal’s largest acquisition to date. Honey is profitable and most valuable is that PayPal will now have access to shopper data which will allow for personalization in the future.

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