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  • Beth Hoffman

Group Budget Optimization: New KPIs

New Group Budget Optimization KPI’s Now Available

New KPIs options are now available to select from when using Group Budget Optimization. The full list of available KPIs for Group Budget Optimization, including the new KPIs, are:

  • Video completion rate (VCR) - New!

  • Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) - New!

  • Cost-Per-Click

  • Click-Through-Rate

  • Delivery

Key Benefits of Group Budget Optimization

  • Reduction in manual optimization in groups and manually shifting budget among the tactics, ultimately leading to an increase in time saved

  • Using automation, Group Budget Optimization helps users generate better outcomes for their groups and the KPI they wish to optimize the budget for

How to use it?

Group Budget Optimization is enabled when you edit or create a group. Find out more information, including step-by-step instructions at this link here.


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