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Google Ad-Review for Election Ads

Approval Delays Expected

All ads on Google must pass through their review process before they are allowed to spend. Due to volume,

Google expects that elections advertising specifically may take up to 48 hours to be approved in the days leading up to the US presidential election.

It's strongly advised that you upload elections ads well in advance of flight start. Google’s ad approval is entirely under Google’s control and we cannot influence it or rush approval.

Election-Related Ads Blocked After Polls Close

Google will be blocking all US election-related advertising on their exchange once polls close on November 3.

This will apply to US election ads in scope of the[ Google election ads policy]( (see heading “Election Ads in the United States”). The blocking will occur globally (i.e. regardless of user geo) if they believe that the ad is US Elections related. The ban will apply until further notice. There is no action required on your end unless your tactics are only targeting Google inventory. In that case, you should expand targeting if you would like your ads to continue spending after the polls close.

Google makes its own ad classifications, which tend towards being broad. Anything related to, or mentioning politics, may be affected, even if not explicitly an 'election' ad.

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