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Discover new and improved CTV PMPs within the Private Deals Library!

Access premium partners and gain access to first party or third party data extensions on this popular device type. Uncover detailed site lists, inventory analytics for directional forecasting through the PMP details and analytics sections.

Execute CTV with these recommended PMPs:

  • Verizon – highlights: CBS, Hispanic

  • Roku – highlights: Cord Cutters, Spanish, Female Millennials, Children in HH, Sports

  • Sling TV – highlights: Demo (Age & HHI), Spanish, ESPN, HH with kids, Entertainment

  • Hulu – highlights: Gamers, Lifestyle, Parents, Sports

  • Tubi – highlights: LDA Compliant, Rated R

  • Telaria – highlights: Spanish, Full Episode Player, Homeowners, News, CBD/Cannabis, A&E

  • Xandr – highlights: DIRECTV, Sports, AT&T

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