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Feature Spotlight: Universal Search

Basis users can reduce clicking, and reach their destination faster, with Universal Search, which enables users to quickly search and navigate to Campaigns, Groups, or Tactics from anywhere in the platform.

Universal Search helps save time by allowing users to easily navigate between different campaigns or quickly find frequently visited items without having to click back to the Campaigns or Lines Items home pages in Basis.

Where is Universal Search located?

The feature is located at the top right corner of Basis and can be initiated from anywhere in the platform by clicking the magnifying glass:

Once clicked, the search modal will appear:

How to use Universal Search

1. Click the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of Basis and the Search modal will appear. (You can see your 5 most recent searches to help you start your next search)

2. In the Search modal, enter a search term (i.e. campaign or tactic name) to populate results or click one of your recent search terms.

3. Results related to your search term will appear on both the bottom and right sides of the modal.

4. Scroll through your results at the bottom of the modal and click a link on the right side to view the Overview, Planning, or Analytics pages for a campaign, group, or tactic.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts with Universal Search. Learn more in our Help Center: Platform Search.


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