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  • Emily Kennedy

DSP Update: Comscore Taxonomy Expansion

Comscore has partnered with Ad Fontes to further their mission to combat misinformation.

New ad segments featuring media bias data are now available for programmatic campaigns via Comscore's Content Activation. These segments will help advertisers target highly reliable/neutral news sources or exclude unreliable/extremely biased information sources.

A proven leader in measuring digital and TV audiences and advertising at scale, Comscore is the industry’s emerging third-party source for reliable and comprehensive cross-platform measurement and targeting. As the home of The Media Bias Chart, Ad Fontes uses a rigorous, reproducible methodology, and a politically balanced team of analysts, to rate content, both for bias and for reliability.

How to Access:

These segments are located under Brand Protection: Comscore Content Activation > Brand Safety > Media Bias Ratings (Powered by Ad Fontes Media).


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