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DSP Tactic Add-Ons

Save, track, and report on third-party vendor fees

Basis reduces financial losses resulting from incorrect tracking, accounting, and reconciliation of third-party vendor fees. Whether using ad-verification partners, creative suppliers, or other types of third-party vendors, the new Tactic Add-Ons feature shows you an itemized view of these expenses. This will allow you to track the fee within a campaign’s budget and ensure that all payments are properly accounted for.

To use this feature, first, you need to add a provider*.

  1. From the Main Menu, go to My Organization, and click on the Service Providers Tab

  2. Click on Create Provider and enter all the relevant information

  3. In the Add-Ons section

  4. Select the Add-on type from the drop-down menu, for example, Ad Verification.

  5. Optionally, enter a description.

  6. Select CPM as rate type.**

  7. Enter the rate value.

  8. Save your provider details and exit this screen

*Only users with the Payment Terms permission can create an add-on with a service provider. If you do not see this section in your account, consult with your manager.

** The Flat rate type option is for campaign add-ons only.

Now that you have saved an Add-on you can use it in a tactic.

  1. Open the tactic editor for any new or existing tactics

  2. Under Settings, click on Add-ons

  3. The screen will show all available providers and fees that have been saved and give you the option to select which ones you want to apply to your tactic

  4. If an add-on is selected you will see its value being added in the Max CPM calculator at the top of the tactic editor. You can also see it in the Tactic Summary.

Reporting of Add-Ons is available in the Line Items and Analytics pages. You can add the columns you need to keep track of this information.

In Reports, you will now also have access to a Tactic Add-on Delivery and Spend Report.

Metrics & Terminology

With the introduction of Tactic Add-Ons, it's important you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the terminology of metrics you will see in the platform and understand how these are calculated. These descriptions are also available by hovering over the metric on the Analytics and Line Items' screens.

  • You will be able to see Net Add-on Spend at the Group and Tactic levels of the Analytics screen. This value will be included in Net Media Spend, Net Total Spend, Gross Media Spend, and Gross Total Spend as well.

  • Net Add-on Spend will be included in the Gross and Net Pacing calculations because Gross Total Spend and Net Media Spend are used as the numerators for those formulas.

  • The one value that will not include Net Add-on Spend is Net DSP Spend. Net DSP Spend will only represent Net Inventory Spend + Net Data Spend.

  • There will also be KPI metrics for both instances where Add-ons are included or excluded. Any KPI metrics that begin with "Media" are inclusive of Net Add-on Spend and any KPI metrics that begin with "DSP" are exclusive of Net Add-on Spend. This will allow you to choose whether or not you want to optimize your campaigns with Add-ons considered or not.

The calculations for each of these values is as follows:

  • Net DSP Spend = Net Inventory Spend + Net Data Spend

  • Net Media Spend = Net Inventory Spend + Net Data Spend + Net Add-on Spend

  • Net Total Spend (only Line Item and above) = Net Media Spend + Net Ad Serving Spend

  • DSP Spend KPIs

  • DSP eCPC = Net DSP Spend / clicks

  • DSP eCPCV = Net DSP Spend / completes

  • DSP eCPA = Net DSP Spend / total conversions

  • DSP eCPM = Net DSP Spend / impressions * 1000

  • Media Spend KPIs

  • Media eCPC = Net Media Spend / clicks

  • Media eCPCV = Net Media Spend / completes

  • Media eCPA = Net Media Spend / total conversions

  • Media eCPM = Net Media Spend / impressions * 1000

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