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Basis Success Webinar: Basis Tools for Political Advertisers

Wednesday, August 19th, 2:00 ET / 1:00 CT / 11:00 PT

Join us for a quick power-half-hour as we discuss the 2020 political landscape and show you how to access political-specific solutions within Basis. 

Our topics include:

  • Digital marketing differences for the 2020 election

  • Special targeting options, including geopolitical targeting, allow and block lists, Vote-by-Mail data, and other options

  • PMPs reserved for candidates and causes - with a focus on CTV

  • DAA Political Ad Icon disclosure compliance

Webinar recording:


Question: Do you expect rates to go up as the election draws near? Answer: In previous years, we have seen increases for video inventory and in hotly contested geos. We anticipate single digit increases for 2020, mostly felt in video. Question: As a self-service agency, could we have access to the domain lists from the Candidates & Causes team? Answer: Absolutely! Please reach out to your CSM and they can provide these lists to you. Question: Does the new Political Ad Icon disclosure info replace the usual “paid for by” disclaimers we usually put on our ads? / Does the DAA label replace the legal requirement for "disclaimers" on every ad? Answer: We are not qualified to give official legal advice especially as they relate to local laws. The DAA disclosure is meant to enhance and complement the transparency that your standard “paid for by” disclaimer provides. In some states, there are additional disclaimer requirements (for example, for independent expenditures in California, advertisers must list the top 3 donors). Additionally, sometimes you are able to link out to that information instead of adding it to the creative itself. In those cases, that DAA icon can give you a great place to include that information. Please check with your local laws to make sure you in compliance and always err on the side of caution. Question: Have you thought of ways to target people who are joining virtual rallies? Answer: This is a great question! Normally, we’d be able to rely on a location data provider such as Factual to create custom audiences based on location behavior (such as attending a rally). Obviously, this year poses some unique challenges. If you’re working with an advertiser who is promoting/hosting the rally, the best thing to do would be to pixel the website. Ideally, you’d be able to pixel the “register” button or the “thank you for registering” page, and build a custom audience based on those who signed up for the virtual rally. At present, there are no off-the-shelf segments dedicated to people joining virtual rallies, but if that changes, your CSM will be sure to let you know! Question: Zip codes unfortunately don't work for state congressional races, is polygonal hyperlocal targeting the only way to target? It greatly limits access to desktop/CTV inventory. Answer: In most instances, advertisers will rely on zip code targeting to limit their tactics to specific State Congressional Districts. While there will inevitably be some overlap with certain zip codes into other districts, this level of targeting is still the best option. You’re right – you can get creative with some hyperlocal targeting, but this will eliminate virtually all impressions coming in via desktop or CTV. If the campaign is mobile-first, this would be a good solution – but if you hope to maintain a presence across desktop and CTV, I’d suggest utilizing zip code targeting knowing that only a small amount of impressions might be served outside of your desired district.

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Our Experts

Grace Briscoe

Vice President, Candidates + Causes | Centro Grace Briscoe is vice president of ad-tech platform Centro’s candidates and causes group. For over 12 years, her team has delivered the digital media expertise and technology that political and public affairs marketers need to drive action from key constituents.

Michael Sammut

Manager, Customer Success | Centro Michael champions Basis daily in his role as a Customer Success team manager. He is deeply familiar with all Basis has to offer and is one of our political features experts. As team manager, Michael works with Customer Success Managers who guide the customer journey including onboarding, maximizing technology, and achieving results.

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