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Contextual Insights Report

As third-party cookies are being phased out by major browsers, Centro has a unique solution for you: Contextual Insights Reports.

The report shows you which segments are generating the most actions (clicks, conversions, video completions) so they can be targeted, and you can make changes to your tactics and optimize accordingly. Contextual targeting is one of the more powerful tools in programmatic advertising- over 70% of all DSP customers use a form of contextual targeting in their campaigns. We partnered with an industry-leading contextual provider, Peer39, to ensure your campaigns effectively reach your target audience while eliminating the reliance on cookies.

What are the benefits?

  • The reports provide more information about where your impressions are being served and how your ads are performing.

  • Optimize campaign budgets to contextual segments of best-performing categories and analyze them for future marketing efforts.

  • Gain knowledge of which segments are generating the most actions while eliminating the reliance on cookies.

How can you get the report?

To create a Contextual Insights report, open the Basis Menu in the top left of your screen and select Reports. Then, click on Actions and select Create Report. Create a new Data Segment Report and select Tactic > Contextual Insights as the dimension. Before creating a Contextual Insights report, your campaign needs to generate enough impressions to allow you to establish a baseline KPI. Then, you can filter the data in the report to identify key segments.

Detailed description and an example of the report available here!

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