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Compilation of New Analytics Screen Updates

The following functions have been added to Campaign Analytics to help you navigate this screen and analyze your campaign's performance.

Changes to the Contextual Menu

  • Click on the contextual menu to view a list of all tactics under a single Group.

  • Click on the contextual menu next to the group name and select the View Tactics (real-time data) option to have a full-screen view of all the tactics within a group.

Additional Metrics Added

  • Net Data Spend

  • AV Completion Rate (%)

  • Net Media Contracted

  • Net Media Rate Contracted

  • KPI Type

  • Num of Interactions

  • Viewable Impressions

  • Measurable Impressions

  • Audio/Video Starts

New Button Updates

  • Access the Export function by clicking on the export icon instead of under the Actions button.

  • Customize columns and saved views have now been moved under the new settings icon.

  • View and add comments at the line item level by clicking on the dialogue icon.

  • Click on Hide line item to remove the capstone, you can unhide this at any moment.

  • Bulk editing options and in-line editing of Start and End Dates are now available both at the Group and Tactic level

  • Group and Tactic tables will now always have the option to choose real-time data.

Changes to Columns

  • At the line item level, Search, Social, and Direct line items now show Vendor and Property columns by default.

  • At the tactic level, Optimization Type and Optimization Status have been added as default columns.

  • Optimization KPI Type and Optimization KPI Goal can be added through the customize columns option at the tactic level.

  • You can now select and sort by "Act Start Date" in the Line Item view.

  • Date picker and customize columns have been added to the Channels table.


  • Curious about what a metric means? If the name is underlined you can hover it to get an explanation.

  • Messaging has been added to indicate data recency

New Channel

  • Add-ons has been added as a channel.

Screen Customization Options

  • All tactics within a line item can now be viewed by navigating to Line Item/Tactic Split view.

  • Filter by Line Item Status (Completed, Live, Upcoming).

  • You can add Line Item status to customize columns and apply Line Item views.

  • You can now choose the density of all tables when viewing the new analytics screen.

  • In Compact mode, the rows are about 30px in height.

  • In Default mode, the rows are about 38px in height.

  • You can modify what information you want to see using the Customize Columns option of each section (Channels, Line Items, Groups, Tactics) and store these in Basis as a saved view. Learn how to with this video.

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