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  • Beth Hoffman

Bid Shading

Bid Shading is now available!

Bid shading analyzes historical bid data to forecast a winning bid that is lower than the default bid. This results in more efficient CPM’s and potentially winning more impressions at the same budget.

This is an additional feature to our current optimization offerings (Machine Learning, Algorithmic Optimization, Bid Multiples, and Group Budget Optimization) using automation to achieve better results and save time.

What are the key benefits?

  • Efficiencies Gained: Provides opportunities where more impressions can be won at lower prices; resulting in more efficient CPMs and allowing for the potential of more impressions for the same budget.

  • Time Savings: Reduces time spent when manually analyzing bid pricing and the potential for needing to manually change bids accordingly.

How to use it?

Bid Shading is enabled when you edit or create a group, use the following steps to set up:

Step 1: Go to the DSP tactic that you want to enable Bid Shading for.

Step 2: Open the tactic editor (Options menu > Edit)

Step 3: On the General tab, set Bid Shading to On.

Step 4: Save the tactic.

Can I use Bid Shading with other optimization features?

Yes! Bid Shading works with Machine Learning, Algorithmic Optimization, Bid Multipliers, and Group Budget Optimization.

Need more information?

More information on Bid Shading technical and set up can be found here!


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