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Basis Success Webinar: Optimizations

In this installment of the Basis Success webinar series, we teach users when, why, and how to make impactful optimizations across all channels—search, social, direct, and, of course, DSP.  Join us for this 30-minute session with Basis experts, Annie Carr and Kelly Poydence, as we cover:

  • Optimization best practices

  • Actionable tips for improving performance

  • Manual optimizations

  • Machine learning and algorithmic options

  • Bid multipliers

  • And more! 

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To install Basis Assistant, click here

To set the Dashboard as your home screen:

  • From the Basis Menu, navigate to My Settings

  • In the Profile tab, scroll down to Basis Home Page, select Dashboard

Our Experts

Annie Carr

Senior Performance Analyst | Centro Annie Carr is a Performance Analyst at Centro where she works with clients to understand their media performance, campaign insights, and potential opportunities. She won our internal Analytics All-Star award in Q4 of 2019 for her work and enjoys partnering with our Product team to make Basis even better. When not crushing data or working with clients, Annie and her fiancé are exploring their new home base of Seattle, Washington.

Kelly Poydence

Customer Success Manager | Centro Kelly Poydence joined Centro in 2019 bringing her past experiences as a media buyer and passion for the digital landscape to her current role as Customer Success Manager. In her current role, Kelly partners with Centro's clients to drive Basis platform adoption across channels, grow their digital strategies and exceed campaign objectives. Outside of Centro, Kelly enjoys going for runs along the Chicago lakefront and traveling to new places.

What to Expect from the Basis Success Webinar Series

The Basis Customer Webinar series focuses on topics relevant to existing Basis users.  These bi-monthly presentation provide actionable takeaways, product walk-throughs, how-to tips, and best practices for getting the most out of Basis.  

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