• Aubrey Lehrmann

Basis Releases : 1/8/20

Search for tactics in the Tactic Editor Header

In the tactic editor header, there’s a new drop-down menu to search and navigate between tactics.

Updates to soft budget alert calculations and messaging to account for spend up to yesterday's date

To prevent potential overspend due to human errors, an alert appears in the Analytics and Planning Screens

when a user allocates group and tactic budgets in a way that exceeds the line item media cost. The calculation has been updated to include spend to date.

New alert:


Calculated sum of total group budget for that line item (Group X total budget + Group Y total budget )

If Group X budget = Daily

  • Total Group X budget = ((number of days group remaining in flight including today's date) multiplied by group's daily budget) + spend up to yesterday's date

If Group Y budget = None

  • Sum up all the total budgets of tactics + any archived tactics' spend in Group Y

  • If tactic budget = daily - use = ((number of days tactic remaining in flight including today's date )multiplied by tactic's daily budget) + spend to yesterday's date

If there are archived groups/tactics, the budgets are not considered unless there is spend

  • Spend for archives groups and tactics are considered in the sum

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