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Basis Releases: 9/23/20

Vendor Payment Terms Permission

Changes and enhancements have been made to the Vendor Payment Terms permission:

  • The property has been re-named Payment Terms

  • Now you can set Terms and Conditions at the Client level, instead of only at the Organization or Vendor level, and apply them to IOs.

  • The ability to create is controlled by the Payment Terms permission set and the ability to apply is controlled by the Client Approval and Vendor IOs permission set.

  • Organization level Terms and Conditions used to exist under the Organization Management permission set, but will now be controlled by the Payment Terms permission set.

  • Now, creating Client, Organization, or Vendor T&Cs will all exist under the Payment Terms permission set. 

  • If you would like to create T&Cs at any of these levels, please make sure you have the Payment Terms permission. You may have to ask a person in your organization with the User Management permission to assign it to you.

  • Users with Client Approval and Vendor IOs permission set can choose which T&C to apply within the IO.

Additional information on permissions is available in our help center.

Basis Assistant


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Basis Assistant is compatible with 18 different sources, and more on the way!

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