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Basis Releases: 9/21/2022

Feature Release: Bulk Edit Ad Tag Names

Editing ad tags individually can be a time-consuming process, especially for campaigns with several line items. Basis has added bulk editing capabilities for Ad Tags, in order to increase efficiency in campaign management and reduce errors from manual editing.

Basis Users can now:

1. Bulk duplicate Ad Tags

2. Bulk edit Ad Tag names

Here’s how it works:

In the Ad Serving tab:

Bulk Duplication:

1. Select Actions > Ads Tags

2. Select the ads tags you want to duplicate

3. On the Bulk Edit Toolbar > Click Duplicate

a. The duplicated tags will appear at the top of the page

b. Duplicated ad tags appear as "Copy of [ad tag name]

c. Your changes are automatically saved

4. Click Done once you are finished duplicating

Bulk Ad Tag Naming Editing

1. Select Actions > Ad Tags

2. Select the tags you would like to edit naming for (selections cannot exceed 50)

3. On the Bulk Edit Toolbar > Click Edit > Click Name

4. Enter the text in the Prefix field to edit the beginning of the ad tag name > click Apply

5. Enter the text in the Suffix field to edit the end of the ad tag name text > click Apply

6. Click Next for a preview of the new names

7. Click Save Ad Tags to apply your changes

A walk-through with screenshots of both processes is available here.

Feature Update: Data Canvas Device & Domain Data

Loving Data Canvas and looking to help tell the story of how your campaign performed across various device types as well as domains? The new Device & Domain Targeting Performance template is a great place to start. Try it out now!

DSP Line Item Media Rate Unlocked

We've made it easier to edit the ordered estimated media rate right in the campaign planning grid for DSP line items with the dynamic CPM rate type. This should help you actualize dynamic CPMs and ad service costs to more easily manage campaign spend for both live and completed campaigns!

Feature Update: Export and Sort Adjustment Metrics in Analytics

Those who have the Adjustments feature enabled are now able to include the adjusted delivery metrics in CSV exports from the Analytics screen. Additionally, users are now able to sort line items in the Analytics screen based on values in the adjustment metrics columns. The metrics now available for export or sorting are:

  • Gross Clicks

  • Net Clicks, Gross Imps

  • Net Imps, Gross Interacts

  • Net Interacts

  • Gross Meas. Imps

  • Net Meas. Imps

  • Gross Viewable Imps

  • Net Viewable Imps.

Feature Update: New Vendor Contact Sorting Options

When viewing "Add contacts" or "Contacts", in addition to sorting by the “Suggested” flag, there are now additional options to sort by Last Active timestamp (descending) or Contact names (alphabetically descending).


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