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Basis Releases: 9/10/20

Campaigns Powered by Science

Basis' technology ignites three motors to help you share your message - choose between Bid Multipliers, Algorithmic Optimization, or Machine Learning Optimization to generate better outcomes for your campaigns through automated bid adjustments.

New options are available when optimizing towards CPA including the ability to optimize towards a tactic's primary conversion and defining the learning scope.

Now you can also activate Machine Learning to optimize towards CTR or VCR! This technology, exclusive to Centro, looks at 30+ parameters to create an optimization model that predicts if an impression will result in the desired outcome, such as a video completion. Based on the prediction, Basis will determine the best bid value, without exceeding your chosen maximum bid. As the campaign continues to run, the model gets refined with new information increasing its accuracy.

A recording of our latest Basis Success Webinar is available here; our Centro experts guide you through:

  • Optimization best practices

  • Actionable tips for improving performance

  • Manual optimizations

  • Machine learning and algorithmic options

  • Bid multipliers

  • Basis Assistant

  • And more! 

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