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Basis Releases: 8/26/20

Low Delivery Alert

Basis' Dashboard helps you focus on what is most important, connect with your team, and increase productivity. A new widget to let you know which line items have low delivery:

  • This widget will display any line items assigned to that user that are in Live status (start date is in the past) and have less than 1000 impressions OR less than $1 spent.

  • Line items will be grouped by Campaign

  • Users can click on the Campaign Name and will be taken to Performance View where they can analyze the line items further.

  • This widget will sit underneath the Line Item Statuses widget, and next to the Mentions Widget. Proposals and Insertion Orders widgets have been moved to the bottom row.

To set the Dashboard as your home screen:

  • From the Basis Menu, navigate to My Settings

  • In the Profile tab, scroll down to Basis Home Page, select Dashboard

The Dashboard displays the statuses, performance, comments, proposals, and IOs of your account team's campaigns. Click the status, chart, or panel for more information. You also have the option to collapse the comments, proposals, and IOs index along with by vendor name to view the specific line item. Learn more here.

Location, location, location!

Location Targeting options now include UK Postcode targeting.

  • Scroll down to United Kingdom Postal Codes from the ZIP/Postal tab in the tactic editor and enter the postcodes that you want to target or exclude.

  • Supported postcodes are 2-4 characters long (i.e. the outward code). You can enter a full postcode, but only the outward code will be displayed in the selected locations.

Targeting Lists

We've updated the terms in the platform from"Blacklist" and "Whitelist" to "Blocklist" and "Allowlist", respectively. The functionality of these remains unchanged.

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