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Basis Releases: 8/14/20

DAA Compliance

Programmatic is critical to a successful political campaign strategy in 2020. Basis allows advertisers to include all pertinent disclosure information in their political ads in compliance with DAA requirements as part of their new industry-wide Political Ad Icon program. Three disclosure fields for political ads are now available to help you easily provide transparency:

  1. Political Advertiser (required) – The name of the Political Advertiser

  2. Contact Information (required) – A telephone number, physical address, web address, or alternative and reliable contact information for the Political Advertiser

  3. Other Information – Any other information required by applicable federal or state law to be included in a disclaimer notice for the Political Advertiser.

  4. As permitted by applicable law, where a Political Advertisement is too small to include a disclaimer required by state or federal law, the Political Advertiser should provide such disclaimer in this notice; and

  5. The name of the chief executive officers, a member of the executive committee or the board of directors, or treasurer of the Political Advertiser.

How to include this information?

  • When uploading an ad, under Brand Verticals, select Sensitive Categories > Political (Elections)

  • The modal expands allowing you to enter the Political Advertiser, Contact Information, and Other Information.

How will this information show in your ads?

The political ad icon is automatically placed in the corner of the creative.

The icon expands on rollover to show “Political Ad”.

When clicked, the icon will take users to a disclosure page displaying the information provided.

What is the DAA?

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) is an independent non-profit organization led by leading advertising and marketing trade associations. The DAA establishes and enforces responsible privacy practices across industry for relevant digital advertising, providing consumers with enhanced transparency and control.

In response to the growing use of digital advertising platforms and technologies to reach potential audiences with political advertising, the DAA created tools and guides to provide greater transparency and accountability to such emerging practices. For more information, please visit the Application of the Self-Regulatory Principles of Transparency & Accountability to Political Advertising

Why do you have to include this information?

Entering this information allows audiences to have clarity on what advertisements they see and for whom or what they mean to enact or elect.

What happens if you forget to select Sensitive Categories > Politics when creating the ad?

If information is not included, the ad has a high chance of being rejected during the ad quality review process, delaying your campaign launch.

Creative Brand Verticals are not editable after you have saved them, so you will have to reach out to Basis Support to update the creative. Once this is done, you will be able to include DAA Political information.

As a best practice, always check that you have included the pertinent fields before your campaign is set to start.

Do you have to re-upload your political ads?

No. If you have political ads that are already live you don’t need to re-upload them. However, if you make any edits to them you will have to enter this information.

How can you tell if a DAA political information is required for your ad?

We recommend erring on the side of caution, as there is little downside to populating additional information

The DAA Political Ad Icon Guide is available here.

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Basis Assistant

Capture notes from your campaigns in the embedded version of Basis Assistant.

Clicking anywhere on the row of your campaign will open an Updates panel on the right-hand side allowing you to view and add any new notes. Notes that have been left in the browser-extension version of Basis Assistant will populate here, and vise-versa.

To leverage the full benefits fo Basis Assistant, install the extension today!

Learn more about Basis Assistant.

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