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Basis Releases: 7/9/20

Saved Views

Basis continues to focus on increasing efficiency to match the user's workflow as they navigate through the platform. Now you can choose what content you want to see on the Campaigns screen and save it as a preferred view. Basis will remember your selections so you can easily switch between these.

To save your preferred view(s):

  1. Apply all the filters you want it to include.

  2. Select "Save as new view"

  3. Give the new view a name

You can switch between saved views at any time. If you want to have the option to switch between "All Campaigns" and "My Campaigns" you can save these as a preferred view.

New Direct Inventory Partners

You can now purchase impressions from EMX Digital and Mediavine.

  • EMX is an omnichannel exchange with access to all major formats.

  • Mediavine exclusively represents the ads for over 7100+ Lifestyle blogs and is a comScore Top 20 property overall; top 4 in Lifestyle.

Consult the “Inventory” screen (“Open Auction” in vendor directory in Basis Platform) for more information.

This is part of our supply path optimization strategy. We observed that we were receiving traffic for them indirectly, from multiple exchanges and there was an opportunity to integrate with them directly. They meet high-quality standards for supply sourcing. Basis replaced the traffic on a 1:1 swap – no longer taking the indirect traffic, in favor of getting it right from the source. In doing so, we:

  • Increase the number of unique impression opportunities/scale (same volume, but without duplicates)

  • Reduce middleman fees/ad tech tax

  • Have better visibility into the supply chain for fraud/quality purposes

  • Give you more integrations without an increase in hosting costs

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