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Basis Releases: 7/27/22

Now Available: Revision-less DSP Line Item Edits

Gone are the days of creating a new Media Plan Revision for every DSP line item change! Basis users can now make edits directly to DSP line items, skipping the previously required step of creating a Revision of the Media Plan.

New Process:

  1. Scroll to DSP Media Plan (Must be the original plan, approved, and live)

  2. Press Edit

  3. Makes Edits

  4. Click Save & Exit

The new process does not require additional approvals to implement changes.

Additional Info:

  1. Direct edits to DSP line items can only be made to Original Media Plans that are live.

  2. Direct edits are not available within any Revision Versions of the Media Plan.

  3. The original revision process is not being deprecated. It will remain available for:

  • Non-DSP line item edits

  • Users who prefer the additional approval requirements (understanding that approvals vary by channel – DSP, Direct, Search/Social)

Revision-less DSP line item editing is not available to customers actively using Strata.

  • Testing of successful exports, with revision-less editing, to Strata are underway

  • The estimated timeframe for complete compatibility is 1-2 months post-release date

More information on how to bulk duplicate & edit ad tags can be found here.

Now Available: Bulk Ad Tag Duplication

Duplicating ad tags individually can be a time-consuming process, especially for larger campaigns. To increase efficiency when managing a large number of ad tags and reduce errors from manual editing, Basis has added a new bulk duplication capability to the platform, specific to Ad Tags.

Basis Users can now bulk duplicate ad tags as many ad tags as they need by simply selecting all the tags they would like to duplicate.

How it works:

In the Ad Serving tab:

  1. Select Actions > Ads Tags

  2. Select the ads tags you want to duplicate

  3. Click Duplicate (on the Bulk Edit Toolbar)

  4. Click Done once you are finished duplicating

Additional Info:

  • The duplicated tags will appear at the top of the page

  • Duplicated ad tags appear as "Copy of [ad tag name]

  • Your changes are automatically saved

A walk-through with screenshots is available under the Bulk Duplicating Ad Tags section of the Help Center, which can be found here.


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