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Basis Releases: 7/15/20


Surpassing the capabilities of traditional optimization logs, Basis Assistant is a one-of-a-kind browser extension that lets you capture all campaign notes and optimizations across your entire advertising toolchain, without switching programs.

Simplify logging process and facilitate knowledge share with Basis Assistant.

How it works

Recording campaign changes

  • Open Basis Assistant

  • Choose a campaign

  • Write a comment

All notes are organized as threads that show the author of the change, as well as the time and location where it took place – these can be downloaded as CSV files. Logs are accessible to anyone in your team who have also installed Basis Assistant and have access to the same campaigns you do.

Basis Assistant Highlights

Workflow Automation

Continue working on current tasks without switching programs and reduce the number of third-party tools needed. Basis Assistant is a free browser extension that is easy to install and use.

Communication & Documentation

Create a standardized process to capture information—Basis Assistant keeps notes organized and reduces the overhead of filling out columns or formatting documents to keep data consistent and in context.

Campaign Performance

Basis Assistant helps users remember what, when, and why they made a change. This helps manage and improve performance, share information with teammates, and provide better campaign-end reporting.


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