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  • Emily Kennedy

Basis Releases: 6/30/22

GCM Cross-Environment Conversions

GCM cross-environment conversions are conversions reported in Google Campaign Manager across all environments (tablet, mobile, and desktop; app and web) regardless of the device or environment a user converts on.

Agency and Brand marketers rely on cross-environment conversion reporting for a holistic understanding of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across all environments. The reporting is not only beneficial in measuring the contribution of each campaign, but also in evaluating the true lifetime value of customers. It also drives campaign optimization decisions which, in turn, drive the ability to target cross-environment segments effectively. Those who are using both first and third-party data for running campaigns and want to track conversions across several devices/environments will now be able to do this on Basis Platform.

To learn more about GCM Cross-Environment Conversions and how to set them up, read more here.

Design Navigation Updates

Our top navigation styling and location have been updated for better access. The universal search button can now be easily found at the top of your screen.

Universal Search helps save time by allowing users to easily navigate between different campaigns or quickly find frequently visited items without having to click back to the Campaigns or Lines Items home pages in Basis.

For more on the Universal Search feature, read our May blog post here.


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