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Basis Releases: 6/17/20

Creative Flighting

Schedule up to ten different dates for each creative linked to a tactic! With Creative Flighting, you determine when each ad goes live and when it pauses. This alleviates the need to create multiple tactics with different dates per creative or setting reminders in your calendar to manually swap the ads.

To schedule your ads:

  1. Open the creative tab in the tactic editor

  2. Click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the creative card

  3. Enter the specific Start Date and End Date you want your creative to run on. If an End Date isn't chosen, it will default to the tactic's End Date

If using Creative Flighting you can choose from the following pacing options for your tactic:

  1. Off: Spend budget as fast as possible. Basis will run your tactic without any pacing.

  2. Tactic: Spend evenly based on tactic flight dates only. Basis will use the dates set at the tactic to determine pacing. It will ignore any dates set at the creative level to determine pacing.

  3. Creative (New!): Spend evenly based on creative flight dates only. Basis will account for all the dates entered at the creative level and determine the pacing of your overall tactic based on those.

More information can be found in our help center.

Native Ads

Programmatic Native is an ad unit that aligns itself with the look and feel of the webpage.

Basis introduces bulk upload functionality for Native Ads; expediting the ad creation process and eliminating the number of steps required to launch your tactic.

You can upload multiple native ads at once in a ZIP file that includes your creatives and one Excel file that contains details about each ad - a blank template is available for download through the Bulk Native Ads window.

To upload your ads:

  1. From your DSP line item's Creative panel, click Add > Bulk Native.

  2. Click Upload file, and select the ZIP file that contains your native ads.

  3. When the file successfully uploads, you can enter details for each creative. If you included an Excel file, these details will already be filled out. Use the selectors on the left to make changes to multiple ads.

  4. Click create to save the ads.

More information on how to bulk upload native ads can be found in our help center.

Are you new to Native Advertising?

Basis makes it simple, scalable, and effective. Read more about the benefits of native advertising here.

Campaign View

The existing functionality to switch between "All Campaigns" and "My Campaigns" is being nested under the Filter option of the Campaigns screen. This will facilitate updates coming to this screen in the next weeks!

By default campaigns are filtered to "Status: Planning, Approved & Live" and "Campaign Team: My Campaigns". You can change to "All Campaigns" by clicking on the Campaign Team box.

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