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Basis Releases: 5/27/20

Microsoft Ads

For 19 years, Centro has been binding the fragmented digital media ecosystem through unique product features and strategic partnerships.

Today, Basis’ capabilities expand to include Microsoft Ads, a provider of pay-per-click advertising on Bing, Yahoo! and MSN search engines, and a network with 124 million unique searchers.

Through a one-way integration, Basis can ingest delivery data from Microsoft Ads, a leader in the paid search space. The connection facilitates cross-channel campaign management, increases reporting accuracy, and eliminates manual tasks, freeing up time to focus more on strategy.

For instructions on how to add your Microsoft Ads to Basis, visit our help center.

Learn more about Microsoft Ads on their website.

Naming Conventions

Automate the process of creating and exporting ad tags.

With this feature, you can create naming formulas that standardize your nomenclature and improve how data is organized in Basis. Once saved, these can be applied to all line items, expediting the ad tag creation processes and maintaining elements properly labeled free of mistakes, or typos.

To create, manage, and assign naming conventions, your account must have Agency Management permissions. If your account only has Planning permissions, you can only assign naming conventions. More information about permissions can be found here.

Creating and Managing naming conventions:

  • From the Basis menu, navigate to Agency Account > Client/Brands > choose a Client

  • Switch to the Naming Conventions tab and click on the Create button

  • Create a naming convention by giving it a name and defining standard and custom fields

  • Once ready, click on the Save button

Assigning naming conventions:

  • Create a new media plan or edit an existing one

  • Enter the name, budget, type and now select a naming convention

  • Click Save when finished

When you create a new line item, the naming convention will auto-populate with the fields you’ve chosen, creating harmonized records.

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