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Basis Releases: 5/12/22

Now Available: Geopolitical Targeting - State-level District Targeting

Geopolitical targeting in Basis is expanding to include State Legislative District Targeting for DSP campaigns, along with updated 2022 Congressional Districts. Basis is excited to be the only platform to offer this level of targeting, powered by L2 data. State-level District Targeting is an additional target layer to Basis’ existing offering that includes US Congressional Districts by District or by State.

More information on the New Geopolitical Targeting can be found here.

Pacing Notifications are now available!

Pacing Notifications are automated emails that contain line item pacing data from Basis. When sent, any line items that are pacing outside of the pacing threshold (determined by the individual user) will be listed.

The feature provides an additional pacing monitoring option for Basis users, outside the platform. Ultimately, helping ensure campaign budgets are being spent as expected and avoid underspending or spending of budget too quickly.

More information on the Pacing Notifications can be found here.

Campaigns Page Update: New Delivery Metrics & Filtering

New Delivery Metrics are now available and can be added to any user’s Campaigns Page. New Metrics Include:

  • Actual Start Date

  • Actual Gain/Loss (as a percentage)

  • Gross Total Pacing

  • Gross Total Spend

  • Net Media Spend

  • Net Media Pacing

  • Planned Gain/Loss (as a percentage)

How to Customize the Campaigns Page:

  1. Click the settings icon next to the Create Campaign Button on the right-hand side

  2. Select Customize Columns

  3. Check the box of the metrics you would like to display & edit the order to your preference

  4. Click Apply at the bottom of the page

Oracle is replacing legacy brand safety segments with Tiered segments

Segments within the Negative category of Oracle’s Brand Protection options are now tiered.

The update is in response to customers' frequent asks for more granularity in their brand safety risk profiles to maximize the reach and accuracy of campaigns while protecting themselves from unsuitable adjacencies. Segment tiers now include:

High – glorification of inappropriate, insensitive content

Medium – news and entertainment content

Low – academic and educational content

Sunsetting Legacy Segments

As of Tuesday 5/10, the legacy brand safety segments have been set as “hidden”. Any existing campaigns already targeting the legacy segments will continue to work. However, these segments will not be available to add to new or existing campaigns. The “sunset phase” of legacy segments will last approximately two months.

The Tiered brand safety segments have been made available in Basis. Any user who wants to add a brand safety segment will need to use the new tiered segments, which are live and will work once selected.

Legacy segments will be disconnected no later than June 30th, 2022.

Global Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar on the left side of Basis is now Global and will be present on every page in Basis. Icons in the bar will take users directly to the Campaigns, Line Items, or Dashboard Pages. Users can quickly access the pages without having to open the entire bar.


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