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  • Beth Hoffman

Basis Releases: 4/7/22

Ad Serving Date Filter Improvements

A new option is now available to select a Date Range filter for campaigns can be found under Start/End Date filters. Additionally, Start/End Date filters have been updated to include the date selected when using Before or After options.

Improvements for Analytics Screen: Net & Gross Pacing

Updates have been made to the Analytics screen for Net and Gross Pacing; these new updates include:

  • Line Items Totals bar: Now shows Gross Total Pacing and Net Media Pacing for all the Line Items within that specific Channel

  • Channels Totals bar: Now shows Gross Total Pacing and Net Media Pacing for all the Channels within the Campaign

  • The Values in the Totals bars: Now adjust based on what filters have been applied to that view

New Syndicated Taxonomy Data Provider: Tunnl

Tunnl is a data intelligence firm powering brand, purpose-driven, and issue advocacy efforts. Using nearly a quarter-century of accumulated analytics and current microtargeting data to create new audiences across the country. This data is up to date and relevant, focusing on brand and corporate reputation campaigns, advocacy, public affairs, and ongoing current events.

Find Tunnl audiences within the campaign/tactic located under the Third Party Audiences in the Audiences tab.

New Category within Claritas: P$YCLE Premier

A new category of P$YCLE Premier segments within Claritas’ taxonomy is now available. Built for financial marketers, P$YCLE Premier is proprietary segmentation that helps customers know more about the financial needs and behaviors of American households.

These segments are located under Third Party Audiences > Claritas > P$YCLE Premier in the Audiences tab within the campaign/tactic. More information regarding Claritas can be found here.


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