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Basis Releases: 4/29/20

Google Data Studio Connector

Visualize and share your digital media success

Connect Basis with Google Data Studio (GDS) to illustrate campaign results.

What is GDS?

A dashboard and reporting tool that allows you to create highly customizable, branded reports with data visualizations that can be shared with anyone. You can select how to present the data —graphs, charts, maps, calendars, and many other options— as well as change fonts, colors, and add logos or images.

What do I need to connect the two platforms?

All you need is your Basis credentials and a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account already, you can sign up for one for free.

How much does it cost?

There are no additional charges to access this service.

Where can I learn more about GDS?

Ready to connect Basis and Google Data Studio?

Connect your data

  • Before you begin, log into your Basis account and your Google account

  • Click here to open the Basis connector page in Data Studio

  • If this is your first time logging into Data Studio, complete the actions prompted in the Welcome modal

  • Authorize Data Studio to use the Basis connector by clicking on the Authorize button

  • Choose the Google account you want to continue with if different from the one you are already logged in with

  • Now authorize Basis to connect to data by clicking on the Authorize button

  • Enter your Basis credentials and once the modal refreshes, close it

  • You’ve now connected your Basis and Google accounts to Data Studio!

  • Now add a data source – select the client you want to retrieve information for from the drop-down menu

  • Determine whether you would like to include all brands within the client or only specific brands

  • Select if you want advanced mode on or off

  • Under Use Case, choose from one of the three options: Line Level Contract Data, Line Level Delivery or Creative Level Delivery

  • You are all set, click on Create Report to start illustrating your data

Visualize your data

  • You will have a preview of your data source – this is all the information you can include in the report

  • Create a new blank report or use Centro’s template

  • Customize the report as needed – choose what data you want to showcase, as well as the fonts, colors, formats, images, and more

Share your data

  • Invite: choose specific people or Google groups who can view or edit reports and data sources

  • Email: schedule an email to be sent to anyone inside or outside your organization. They will receive a PDF file of the report

  • Download: retrieve a PDF file that can be shared online or offline

  • Link: get a URL for your report – email it, embed it on site, or share it on social networks

ironSource Inventory

Basis now has a direct integration to ironSource. ironSource’s in-app mobile gaming mediation platform and marketplace helps brands cut out unnecessary ad-tax by providing direct access to the best inventory and audiences. Their relationships with the world’s largest mobile gaming publishers gives them unrivaled access to scale and quality.

ironSource inventory is primarily full-screen interstitials. Therefore, viewability is very high, with a higher price than typical mobile display and video.

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