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Basis Releases: 4/22/20

Campaign Performance Presentation

Grow your business with polished presentations that highlight your campaign’s performance. This reporting tool replaces Excel files with PowerPoint presentations, eliminating the time and cost associated with collecting, organizing, and summarizing data in a structured, clear, and visual way.

The presentations have little formatting so you can easily apply your organization’s branding and logos to them. Each presentation includes:

  • Top-level performance data

  • Information for each media channel (DSP, Direct, Search and Social)

  • Multiple charts and graphs

  • Performance by day of the week, week, and/or month

To download a presentation:

  1. Expand the Basis menu

  2. Select Reports

  3. From the Actions menu, select Create Report

  4. From the Type drop-down menu, choose Campaign Performance Presentation

  5. Give your presentation a name and define the date range

  6. Choose which of the customization options you want to be included

  7. Select which campaign you want to report on (only one campaign can be chosen at a time)

Once downloaded, customize the presentation with your organization's branding and send it to anyone inside or outside your organization.

Not only can you use these to deliver a report once a campaign ends, but you can also leverage them to grow your business. The agility with which you can download these lets you go back to old campaigns and export the results to build case studies, collateral pieces, or use them as supporting documentation.

For additional information, please visit our help documentation.

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