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Basis Releases : 4/01/20

Viewability measurement for native ads

Starting today, Basis can report on viewability for native ads running on TripleLift. Native ad impressions are considered viewable if at least 50% of pixels are on screen for at least one second at any point after the ad has rendered.

Important notes:

  1. If you choose to measure viewability, standard viewability fees will apply.

  2. Viewability measurement will only be billed for native ads served on TripleLift. Campaigns can buy native ads across multiple exchanges without fear of being billed for viewability measurement that cannot occur.

  3. Measurement is only supported for native ads uploaded directly to Basis, not for those created through the TripleLift creative wizard. Enabling viewability for these is not recommended.

  4. Viewability measurement for additional native ad exchanges is expected in the future.

Learn more about viewability.

Associate campaigns to the correct initiative

Duplicate initiatives within the same agency have been amended to include the client and brand. This avoids nesting a campaign in the incorrect initiative when using the new campaign creation workflow.

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