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Basis Releases: 3/2/22

International Zip Codes

Basis has expanded its zip code targeting destinations to include Brazil and Guatemala!

Enter the codes separated by commas. Be mindful that there are small variations depending on which country you are targeting:

  • (New!) For Brazil, enter the full 5-digit code.

  • (New!) For Guatemala, enter the full 5-digit code.

  • For Colombia, enter the full 6-digit code.

  • For Argentina, enter the full 4-digit code.

  • For Canada, you can enter the full 6-character code or just the first 3 characters, also called the forward sortation area or FSA.

  • For Mexico, enter the full 5-digit code.

  • For Spain, enter the full 5-digit code.

  • For the United Kingdom, enter the first 2-4 characters of the postcode, also called the outward code.

  • For the United States, enter the full 5-digit code.

Zip code targeting is just one of the many options you have available at your disposal. You can also target by:

  • Country, Region, or City

  • DMA Code (US Metropolitan Areas)

  • Hyperlocal area

  • Geopolitical congressional district (for the US)

Learn more about how to target or exclude locations and how to create location sets in our help center.

Customize your pages

Basis allows you to customize the Campaigns, Line Items, Ad Serving, and Analytics pages to display only the information that is most important to you. With the growing number of metrics associated with campaign delivery and performance, it may be tricky to find the column you want to add, therefore a search function has been added to the customization option.


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